Monday, November 22, 2004

Indo-Pak Peace Talks go Slow, but Well

The Daily Times has a news story about the meeting between PM Shaukat Aziz of Pakistan and PM Manmohan Singh for peace talks between the two countries. Included in the meeting was Kashmir. Please read this article, as I am waiting for permission to reprint it. Thank you.

Friday, November 19, 2004

French Bank Investigated: Oil for Food Program

Bank lapses cited in Iraq oil program by Bill Gertz

This is a systemic problem that has spread as far as Russia, China, France, and even as close as ol' Foggy Bottom. Bill has written a wonderful article that uncovers the French Bank, Banque Nationale de Paris-Paribas, or BNP Paribas for short.

Congress is investing the Oil for Food Program, and Congressmen Hyde (R) and Lantos (D) have introduced a bill to require greater scrutiny, transparency, and accountability. As only Congressman Lantos could put it:

Mr. Lantos, the committee's ranking Democrat, said Russia and France were involved in helping the regime through commercial transactions and political support within the United Nations. He also said the State Department failed to act against illegal activities in the U.N. program.

"I'm stunned at the failure of our own State Department to put a halt to Saddam's larceny," Mr. Lantos said, adding that the committee should "turn our attention as far as Moscow and Paris, and as near as Foggy Bottom."

For more details, click on the title before the author's name.

UPDATE: Sorry about the link. Apparently after a certain amount of time, my computer will take some of my stories and change the link. I will be keeping an eye on this. I am very disappointed, but please bear with me. Thank you.

French Terrorists in Iraq

Author Rajun Cajun has uncoverd another reason to boycott the French. Hat tip to Tim at Rajun Cajun.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Yemeni Man Afire at White House

Daily News-Pakistan
The 52 year old Yemeni man who set fire to himself yesterday, Monday, Nov. 15, 2004, states that he has no money to see his family in Yemen. He is also upset with the FBI's handling of the information given them. Apparently, he is to testify in a terrorist case and wishes to see his family before he does so. His wife and he are ill. To read more, please click on Daily Times above.

Son of a *itch

I just read from the Daily Times that the IAEA cleared Iran of nuclear weapons because Tehran pledged to end uranium conversion! This is a disgrace to the whole world community. Who needs diplomats? While genocide continues in Darfur, Sudan, Iran gets to keep it's nuclear bomb program.

There has only been one time in history this has been done. It was in the 1930's, and appeasement didn't work then, and it won't work now. The USA will do what is right. The hell with all of your sorry butts. I'm sorry, but I am very angry. There is a way to avoid this, but because you, the UN, do not like the person we, the American people, voted to re-elect the man best qualified for the job of leading the freest country forward, you want to subvert the peace of the entire world. Burn to hell.

Five al Qaeda Suspects Arrested in Lahore, one in Khanewal

Story by Mubasher Bukhari (read more here)

While Pakistan has been shaky at times, the attacks on the President have given him the determination to rid his country of al Qaeda. It is still questionable as to the other groups, but he has to keep balance within his own country. We are grateful for the support of the Pakistanis that do support our fight against terrorism. This a story worth reading. It isn't that lengthy, but it has substance.

Kashmir Peace Talks

Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz of Pakistan will be meeting with Manmohan Singh of India to peacefully discuss the "principled stand" of Pakistan toward Kashmir, PM Aziz said on Sunday, Novemeber 14, 2004. They will be meeting Nov. 23, 2004 for discussions of all issues between Pakistan and India, including the most anxious-Kashmir.

The PM of Pakistan will give his first national speech on both TV and Radio this Friday, the 19th of Nov. He will discuss his plans for economic development and good governance.

For more on this and other news from Pakistan, please see Pakistan Daily Times.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Fallujah Under Control

It has been reported that the city of Fallujah is 100% under Coalition and Iraqi National Guard control. While this is good news, there is still chaos elsewhere. In Mosul, there have been cars bombed along with Churches also. The Government is being threatened, but they are standing tall. The Prime Minister Allawi's relatives were kidnapped. I do not know their condition, but the PM is firm.

There is also reports of foreigners blocking of streets and burning cars. They are threatening people not to vote. My prayer is that these people will be as brave as the Afghanistanis were come election day. I believe they are. I also pray that we could, together with the ING, provide the amount of security necessary for normal life to take root. We are praying for you, Iraqis, Kurdistanis, and Chaldeans. This is a fight you must win, and we could not do it without you. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

News from Around the World Nov. 10, 2004

Arab News
Cover Your Face Woman!
Raid Qusti,

"Something odd is going on in the Grand Mosque in Makkah these days. And even though I had heard about this from other people over the years, I am glad that I read something. ..."

Arab News
Events That Make Fallujah a Deadly Cocktail
Amir Taheri, Arab News

"Fallujah was home to large numbers of military families. ..."

"... At least three different groups are fighting in Fallujah.
One consists of the remnants of Saddam’s military. ..."

"...Another group consists of local Salafi militants, backed by some tribal elements..." "...The third group is made up of radical terrorist groups once linked with Al-Qaeda. They are mostly non-Iraqi jihadists from a dozen different Arab countries. ..."

(This is a very good article. He not only reports on the issue, he gives the history and background as to the question, "Why?" I recommend this article.)

INA Today

Mystery sub sparks Japan alert

"Japan's defence chief called for a peaceful resolutionJapan's navy went on alert on Wednesday after an unidentified submarine was spotted inside the country's waters. ..."

"...Japanese officials refused to speculate on the submarine's nationality. But Japan's Kyodo news agency quoted defence officials as saying it was a Chinese nuclear-powered sub. ..."

"...In December 2001, a suspected North Korean spy ship sank off Japan after a shoot-out with Japan's coast guard."

AFP-China backs Iran amid 'difficult' nuclear talks with EU
Sat Nov 6, 5:33 PM ET

"TEHRAN (AFP) - China gave Iran crucial backing in its stand-off with the UN's nuclear watchdog, with Beijing saying it opposed US efforts to have the Islamic republic referred to the United Nations (news - web sites) Security Council. ..."

More news to come...!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

News from Around the World, 11/9/2004

"Allawi includes Fallujah strike in war on terror by Maria Cedrell
The assault on Fallujah that began yesterday must be seen as a critical part of the worldwide war on terror, Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi says. (World)" Washington Times"

Blue states buzz over secession by Joseph Curl

Secession, which didn't work very well when it was tried once before, is suddenly red hot in the blue states. In certain precincts, anyway. (Nation/Politics)" Washington Times

Al Sabah News

"...As for appointment of elections the law says that no term could be used to delay the election deadline limited in the law. ...""...The political solution is the best option to deal with any problem. However, its efforts did not result in any thing due to terrorist activities and unrealistic demands paid by negotiators..."

(This is a powerful reading. If you read one thing, read this. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend this entire site. It is in Arabic, but in the left corner you will find a familiar word, English. Just click it. You will find news about what is going on, how people feel, and truth that we do not receive here.)

Al Sabah News


"...The fact is that people of Falluja are generous enough that militants had made use of them, yet the {y}are not terrorists and they left it to be battlefield to smash and defeat terrorists."

Good News from Iraq and Afghanistan

The good news, I have 3 articles for you today. Also, these articles were written by an Australian man who also has a blog. His name is Chrenkoff. The first article is. Good News from Iraq-Part 13. He has also written 2 articles about Afghanistan. The first one is Good News from Afghanistan-Part 4. The next one is Good News from Afghanistan-Part 5. If you would care to see his earlier "Good News" articles, please visit his site. They will be on the right hand side. Some are on top, older ones are on the bottom.

You may have noticed I have not been available for a couple of days. I was having computer trouble, and I was busy with a Presidential Campaign. Thank you for your patience.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Good News!

While I was waiting for this to post (which took a grand time!), I was fiddling with my control panel. I am glad to inform you that all seems well now. All I have to do now is turn it off and on again to set everything right. I hope! Please pray for me. Thank you.

The Appearance of this Site

If you are seeing a black and white site, please forgive me. I was trying to fix my computer, and apparently I touched something I wasn't supposed to touch. This is going to be the appearance for now, since I have already given it a new template and the color remains the same. Well, they say we learn from our mistakes. Let us hope so! Have a great day.

Friday, November 05, 2004

News from Sudan

"...From the Scotsman this morning, here is more on the story that started Tuesday morning at 3:00 AM with the forceable entry of Army troops into large refugee camps. What is happening can only be described as a continuation of crimes against humanity--the current mass relocation is another move to punish and traumatize refugees. ..."

"Sudan bulldozes Darfur refugee camp"
Mohamed Osman in Khartoum

SUDANESE security forces bulldozed a refugee camp after forcibly relocating thousands of conflict-weary Darfur villagers, an African Union official said yesterday. ..."

What is the UN doing? Probably having elaborate dinners while discussing, now and then, the "little problem" in Sudan. After all, Sudan is on the Human Righst Watch! They have agreed to try their best to behave, but the thought of slautering, raping, torturing, etc. those beautiful black women, children, and elderly people is just too consuming. What the hell is wrong with this picture? CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?

This is a news/opinion article. I cannot remain silent while people suffer.

Sudan Bulldozes Darfur Refugee Camp

Sudan bulldozes Darfur refugee camp
Mohamed Osman in Khartoum

"SUDANESE security forces bulldozed a refugee camp after forcibly relocating thousands of conflict-weary Darfur villagers, an African Union official said yesterday. ..."

"From the Scotsman this morning, here is more on the story that started Tuesday morning at 3:00 AM with the forceable entry of Army troops into large refugee camps. What is happening can only be described as a continuation of crimes against humanity--the current mass relocation is another move to punish and traumatize refugees."

The UN sits idly by and does nothing. We are not loud enough. We don't matter. Genocide only matters when Americans try to save people, and the extreme left screams, "Genocide!" It is very, very sad. No, it is an outrage. What will it take? Another Rwanda? We already have that. How do we shame these people? Oh yes, I forgot. You need a conscience to feel shame. Are you aware that Sudan is on the Human Rights Board? It is time to kick the UN out of the USA and out of our pockets. I've had it.

I understand this is a news story, but sometimes, I believe news is what is happening. This will be news/opinion story. You can read the news, and you can read my opinion.

Mesopotamia Redeemed

This is the first of two guest blogger articles.

Mesopotamia Redeemed

These are two blogs that will show the world that Iraq is no stranger to Democracy. Sam from Hammorabi. Sam has remembered history and if you are curious, he will share it with you.

I highly recommend both of these sites.

Hat tip to Arnold Chrenkoff.

Arab News

Safety Regulations for Abused Women, Children Ready by Maha Akeel, Arab News
"...“There is lack of coordination between the different administrations involved in child abuse cases, lack of information and procedures to follow within the administrations and lack of an action plan in dealing with the cases,” said Fadia Enani, director of Social Services Department at the Jeddah Maternity and Children’s Hospital. Very rarely is immediate action taken to protect a child. A recent conference on child abuse recommended that the Ministry of Interior formulate a rapid reaction plan to deal with this growing issue. The strategy should also focus on creating a positive environment in school and at home." "..."

I am very pleased to see women and children are finally getting the attention they so desparately deserve. It is a moving article. Please read it.

Islamist Web Surfers Foresee World War III by Agence France Presse
"DUBAI, 5 November 2004 — Islamists used the Internet yesterday to vent their anger at US President George W. Bush’s re-election, with one accusing the American people of choosing “the logic of war”. “The logic of war has won over the Americans, who chose Bush,” said one remark on an Islamist website, overflowing with passionate reactions to the Republican victory."

"“It’s time to wake people from their slumber ... to remind them that Bush’s victory presages new wars,” said the surfer. The victory of “Bush, the despicable, is good, because it opens the way to jihad (holy war) in several Arab countries,” wrote another, called Abderrahman."

We should be aware of the way other Arabs who live in oppression feel. Maybe they are free, I do not know. I just wish they would talk to the REAL Iraqis who consider us liberators and not invaders. How can you force freedom on someone? Either they want to participate in it or not! I do not understand, and I don't care to sit down and listen. They started this war, and now they are mad because we took them up on it. Tough.

Overseas Iraqis to Vote in Poll by Agencies
"...“The board of the Electoral Commission has decided to allow the participation of Iraqis living abroad in the election process,” said Farid Ayar. “They hope that this decision will contribute to giving more freedom and transparency to the election process through the participation of some of our brightest intellectuals,” he said. Millions of Iraq’s most well-educated citizens fled the country during the oppressive reign of toppled President Saddam Hussein. Many have returned to the country since the collapse of his regime after last year’s US-led invasion, but more than three million Iraqis remain overseas. ..."

This is the most wonderful news! Imagine all the people who have not been able to get home since they fled. Now they can even have a say in their government. This is amazingly wonderful! Please read this. It took a lot of work to make this possible. Great article.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Calling all Activists

The death toll has risen, but it does not say by how much. Six months ago the toll was 50,000. Today they say it is much worse, yet they claim the toll is still 50,000. The people of Darfur, along with the activists, are calling for everyone to raise our voices, call our Senators at 1-877-762-8762, and our Congressmen also (same number.)

This is urgent. Some very mean terrorists from the ME which have been hired by the Sudanese government are committing genocide against the native Africans. 600,000-1,000,000 more people have been misplaced within the past 6 months. This is right after the UN stepped in. In total, 2 million people have been displaced, tortured, sold, raped, violently murdered, and the Security People are guilty of some of this.

Who will speak up? Will you? Will I? Who will speak up for us when we face similar hardships? Or don't you believe we will? Do you remember September 11, 2001?

This is a quote taken from the article:
"This is a test of the integrity and decency of the U.N. as an institution. Continued inaction against Sudan will only encourage more deaths, not only in Sudan but at the hands of future tyrants who understand all too well the unwillingness and inability of the U.N. to put aside internal politics to stop them."

The UN has failed Darfur as it did the Iraqis, Afghanis, N. Koreans, Chinese who are taking the side of Sudan, and on and on. You can reach these people at Please, do what you can and then pray. (You don't have to pray, it is just a suggestion.)

Arab News

"Code of Conduct for Candidates Announced by Javid Hassan, Arab News
RIYADH, 4 November 2004 — The Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs has announced that electioneering for the Kingdom’s forthcoming municipal elections should be conducted according to a prescribed mode."

This is certainly amazingly good news. Please read this story.

"First Woman Appointed Hospital Manager by Maha Akeel, Arab News
JEDDAH, 4 November 2004 — Director of Jeddah Health Affairs Dr. Abdullatif Alderees has appointed Dr. Sana Filimban as manager of King Saud Hospital for treating contagious and transmitted diseases. Dr. Sana is the first woman to be a public hospital manager.
Dr. Sana was the coordinator of the National Program for Eradicating AIDS and has long experience in health care and disease control."

This is another great action taking place in the ME. Please pay this site a visit.

"'al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia' Names New Leader by Raid Qusti, Arab News
“Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula” has named Saud ibn Hamoud Al-Otaibi — one of the top terrorists on the 26 most wanted list — as a replacement to Saleh Al-Oufi, the former leader who it claims was killed after receiving gunshot wounds when security forces raided a house in Riyadh last summer."

Who knew? It seems that the Kingdom is being more helpful than we are being told, although there are still some people that they do not control such as Saud ibn Hamoud Al-Otaibi. I hope they catch him. Please read the whole article.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

News from Al Sabah Newspaper, Iraq

al Sabar News
By: Mohammad Abdul Jabbar

Around 1800 of Arab extremists are existed in the city of Falluja according to reports. Certainly this number is awesome. In small city like Falluja, those extremists form force de frappe which is capable to impose hegemony on the city and its population and consequently makes it a subsidiary territory. With the presence of such large number of terrorists who flowed into Iraq in pre and post Saddam's collapse, the search for easy solution for the problem became difficult.Because they didn't come to Iraq for a picnic nor for negotiating with the Iraqi government or national assembly, but they come for carrying out terrorist strategy titled "the occupation paradox" aimed at foiling political process and aborting democratic transformation include hindering the scheduled elections in coming January. With the presence of such large numbers of Arab gunmen, Falluja as a city and population is the grandest hostage. The city and its population have been taken daily as their stronghold in defiance of its good population. And with the presence of such large number, the comparison between military and political solutions is difficult and critical. The political solution requires negotiations, dialogue, and questioning with whom would you interview? Certainly, the dialogue is not allowed with foreign outlaws. If the dialogue realized with Falluja good population, the outcome make it (in)evitable to discharge the foreigners. If the city population deems it difficult to discharge them (extremists) for any reason, it means the dialogue reached blocked road whereas the patience is exhausted as being expressed by Dr. Iyad Allawi. If the patience is exhausted, the matter requires military solution as the only possible solution. And this solution is not preferred by good people but it is the final one. There is a racing between the two solutions and the rest of the time is shorter.

United We Stand

It has been a hard fought campaign for both parties, and now the results are in: President George W. Bush has been re-elected with at least 51% of the votes. He has won the popular vote and the electoral college vote. It is now time for the United States to stand together with one voice.

As President Bush said in his acceptence speech, Sen. Kerry ran a good campaign and was very helpful with his call to the President announcing his concession. If the two of them-who have very different views-can be gracious, so should we. Especially in a time of war and uncertainity.

There will be many reasons to criticize both parties in the coming years, but let us not forget that we are all Americans. We are united in our efforts to make America better, stronger, safer, more self sufficient from foreign oil, and many more tall tasks. We must work together to achieve these tall orders. We may not get all we want, but compromise without compromising ones principles is a noble thing. We hope to see a return to statesmanship. It is possible...if we demand it.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Today's Vote

It is a very important day today. We, the citizens of the United States, choose who will govern us for the next 2 (Congress,) 4 (President,) and 6 (Senate) years. This year is very important, because it will determine what course we choose. I am not going to pursuade you one way or the other.

What I am going to do is to let you know that it is alright if you do not vote. If you do not believe you know enough about the issues, you don't care about the issues, or you don't like any of the candidates (have you thought of running for office?), it is perfectly fine if you stay this one out.

This is truly a matter of life and death, with al Qaeda, Suadi terrorists, Palestinian terrorists, and many others. Not every Arab is a terrorist, so don't lose your freedom over something ignorant. Do no harm. Many are just like you and me who just want peace and freedom. Mostly, they and we want to stay alive. That is why I wrote this article. If you are voting because you are afraid, out of hatred, or any other emotion-check yourself. Find the truth. It is still out there.

If you are voting illegally, you, or someone you know, will be caught this time. It will not be worth it. Do not do it. One person, one vote. It isn't rascism, it's the Constitutional right and protection for us all.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Vote-11/2/2004 (That's a Tuesday.)

It has always been difficult for voters in California to choose judges, because they do not run for office. You have no idea for whom you vote, and they keep rising the ladder of success until we end up with a 9th Circuit Court which, upon being challenged by the United States Supreme Court, is overruled more than any other jurisdiction. It is shameful.

Since other newspapers have decided to not only endorese a candidate, but to keep anything of importance about that candidate from the public, I have decided to join the fray.

This paper endorses President George W. Bush to continue as Commander-in-Chief while this war continues. We have decided that the issues we disagree with him about do not raise to the level of a strong, determined, calm person at the helm. We also took into consideration his team. Sen. Kerry's team seems to be Mr. Clinton's old team. As we look back, for 8 years-how many times were we even aware there was an al Qaeda? It is imperative to bring light to danger for people to understand that there is a threat. We are not willing to take that chance again. Not with our lives.

We also endorse Secretary of State Bill Jones for the United States Senate. Sen. Boxer is not exactly a stalwart on intelligence, no matter how sweet she may be.

Since no one wishes to force judges to disclose their party affiliation, beliefs, or past records, we have been digging for some competent people. LA County Nonpartison Judicial:
Office No. 18: Pat Campbell.
Office No. 29: Lori Jones
Office No. 52: Laura Privera
Office No. 53: David Lopez
Office No. 69: Judy Levey

The propositions are confusing, if you don't know how to read legalese and politicians! We have provided a list for you, to make it easier. There are only 5 yes votes. That would be proposition 1A, 59, 60, 64, and 69.
The no votes go to the rest of them. We cannot afford anymore bonds since we voted for one to bail us out of debt in March 2004. By the way, do you see any improvement in your neighborhood since the $15B bond?