Thursday, March 29, 2007

HOA: Ethiopia and Somalia are at it again

It started last Wednesday when the Islamofascists residing in the southern areas of Somalia started openly threatening war again against the interim government.
Loudspeakers on Thursday transmitted calls for residents to come out and fight the Ethiopian troops backing Somalia's interim government, after the Ethiopians launched a heavy offensive in tanks and helicopters. [Read the whole article.]
We have to keep an eye on this area, because it is a hotbed of terrorists. It is located in the Horn of Africa.

Sources: Map provided by
If the above link is no longer available, try this one.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tony Snow has Cancer of the liver

OPINION PAGE: I am still in shock. We prayed him through his colon cancer, and that what was only a couple years ago. Now he has found that the biopsyed mass that was in his lower abdomen has been determined to be malignant. Apparently, when it was tested earlier (I didn't know he was), he was told it was benign. Is everyone who goes to Washington going to get cancer? Why should I quit smoking if I live in California?

I am shocked, I am angry, I am afraid, and I am ashamed. Because I feel human emotions? No. Of course not. Because of how I am allowing them to affect me and my thought process.

Dear Tony Snow and Family,
You are such a dear man and friend. You are faithful to our country and your family. I pray for all of you to remain strong and know that God is in control of everything. He hears our prayers. Take comfort in Him. Let your family know when you need them to do just a little something extra for you. Allow them to help you, because this is not just your time of uncertainty and fear. Help them to be a part of your life, just as they always have been. God bless you, Tony. God bless your family. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

UPDATE: If anyone would care to send a get well message to Tony Snow, please do so here. Thank you.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blackfive interviews 'Teflon Don of Acute Politics'

Matt of the favorite 'Blackfive' is guest writing over at Michelle Malkin's website while she is in Iraq. (I think.) He had an interview with Teflon Don of 'Acute Politics' and here is an excerpt:
If you could say anything to Pres Bush, what would you say? To Sec. Gates? To Gen Petraeus?

President Bush-At the beginning, I thought this war was the best of bad options. I neither believed it would be as easy as so many claimed, nor did I believe it would become as hard as it has. We depend on you- both to lead us, and to listen to us.

Secretary Gates-Sir, you come in to this war at a crucial point. Listen to your generals, listen to our elected leaders, and don't neglect one for the other. Most of all, don't neglect both for your own opinions- that mistake caused part of the trouble you face today.

General Petraeus-Sir, you also come at a critical time. Many people, both civilians and those in the military, expect a miracle out of you. Most of us soldiers down at the lowest levels have heard good things about your leadership style and abilities. You give many of us greater hope that we will accomplish our mission here. I fear too many of us serve our tours in Iraq while seeing only the day we leave, and tempering our anticipation of completing our tours with the knowledge that we will soon be back. I fear too many of us fail to take action that would positively influence Iraq's future out of a sense of survival. Will you allow your subordinate commanders and troops to fight this war to survive? Or, will you inspire them to fight this war to win? Much hinges on that question. I've heard some say that you were born and schooled to fight this war and win. I hope that's accurate, sir. [Continue reading the rest of this interview at Blackfive's or Michelle Malkin's.]
A big thank you to SGT Chris Keller from CENTCOM Public Affairs for arranging this interview. It is a very good one. Great job, Matt.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Give aid and comfort to our troops!

I have just read a sincere request by a Chaplain who is stationed in Iraq. He is one of the ones who had his 'going home' time extended another six months. He has a wonderful site, and he never asks for anything until we bug him enough to let us know what we can do to help. lol. Please feel free to send care packages to him. Everything will be distributed and wholely appreciated.
"Many People have Asked" from "The Online Chaplain"

Many People have Asked.
Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked what you might do to help soldiers that come through CSC Scania. Here are some items that are in short supply on an on-going basis that help get soldiers through the days. Mind you they are not essentials, the Army takes care of the essentials. These are what we refer to as comfort items. But if you want to help, here is the list.

Shaving Cream
Hand Sanitizer
Lib Balm
Beef Jerky
Drink Mixes
Breakfast bars
Salted Sunflower Seeds
Small Cans of Pringles
Small bags of Trail Mix
Freeze Pops (the old fashion kind that come in the plastic tube)

Thanks for all that you do. Although we don't always have time to thank everyone we are deeply greatful for your faithfulness. Things can be shipped to:

Chaplain CPT Corey Bjertness
HHB 1/125 Strike
CSC Scania
APO AE 09331


Anything you can spare will surely be a blessing returned to you in a way you could never imagine. I know. Thank you.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Message to Writers at Knickerbocker News

It appears your Editor has bitten off more than she can chew. I am now seeking the aid of one of you to take over this site. I will still contribute, but I cannot write everyday. As you may well be able to have noticed.

For the readers of this site, I am over at My Newz 'n Ideas. I also have other sites, which is the reason I am so overwhelmed.

I try to write professionally here and informally at my other sites. It is time consuming to say the least. Why don't you try this litte excercise? Try to write an article about anything. Anything at all. Now go back and read it. How many times have you injected yourself? Have you used any of these words: I, we, us, my or slang?

Now you are beginning to understand the hardship journalists face while writing their articles! That just scratches the surface. Now go back and take out your opinion as well! Just the facts, Ma'am. Just the facts.

I have loved this excercise. It has taught me much about writing and myself. I suggest someone should try this. It is also rewarding to see how much you actually grow. I will be around for any and all questions you have, so please feel free to e-mail me. Thank you.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ft. Rucker Hit by Tornado; You Can Help

Blackfive has put out the word:
Stay tuned. Ft. Rucker, Alabama, was hit hard by yesterday's tornados and storms. While the fort has been instrumental in helping out the local area, military families have lost loved ones and homes have been destroyed.

Soldiers' Angels is on the job and will be establishing funds to support Ft. Rucker soldiers and families.

As usual, when I ask you to donate, donates first with an initial $50.

Here is the link to the PayPal account to help Ft. Rucker families.
I would be honored if you would go to this link and give generously. I will also be giving what I can. Thank you so very much for caring about and for our military families and our brave men and women who do the work that is necessary for us to remain a free nation. Godspeed.

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