Saturday, December 31, 2005

Saturday's Daily News 12/31/2005

Bombing Kills Eight at Indonesian Market, By Abdi Mari, AP, 12/31/2005
PALU, Indonesia (AP) -- Suspected Islamic militants set off a powerful bomb packed with nails Saturday at a busy market frequented by Christians, killing eight people and wounding 45 as they bought pork for New Year's Eve celebrations. (Suspicion immediately fell on Jemaah Islamiyah, an al-Qaida-linked group.)

Some Chechen Schools Closed After Illness, Dec. 21, 2005
GROZNY, Russia (AP) -- Authorities closed schools in part of Russia's Chechnya region Wednesday after a mysterious poisoning [gas] sickened at least 70 people, most of them schoolchildren, officials said.

Sudanese Death Toll at 25 After Camp Raid, By Salah Nasrawi, AP, 12/31/2005
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Several Sudanese migrants injured when Egyptian police violently cleared a ramshackle camp died later from their wounds, raising the death toll from the clash to 25, a security official said Saturday.

The UNHCR stopped hearing the cases of Sudanese seeking refugee status after a January peace deal ended a civil war in the south [South Sudan, not Darfur] of their homeland.

Two Suspected Taliban Bombers Die in Blast, By Noor Khan, AP, 12/29/2005
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) -- Two suspected Taliban suicide bombers died Thursday when explosives they were strapping to their bodies exploded prematurely in southern Afghanistan, officials said.

Poland Extends Iraq Mission Through 2006, By Vanessa Gera, AP, 12/29/2005
WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- Poland's president said Thursday that he has approved extending the country's military mission in Iraq for another year.

Lech Kaczynski decided "to extend the duration of the mission" through Dec. 31, 2006, reversing a decision by Poland's last government to bring the troops home within weeks, his office said in a brief statement.

Chilean Judge Strips Pinochet of Immunity, By Eduardo Gallardo, AP, 12/30/2005 and Chilean Police Book Gen. Augusto Pinochet, By Eva Vergara, AP, 12/29/2005
[Eva] SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- Chilean police took fingerprints and mugs shots of Gen. Augusto Pinochet on Wednesday following his indictment for the killing and disappearance of nine dissidents during his dictatorship - the first time he has had to submit to a police booking.

[Eduardo] SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- Former dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet was stripped of his legal immunity Friday to face charges of diverting public funds to personal bank accounts.

Judge Juan Escobar, president of the Santiago Court of Appeals, said his tribunal voted 21-3 to remove the immunity Pinochet enjoys as a former president.

Note: It is necessary to use the same link for both articles, because when I went back to write about a different article-it was gone! I have collected the breaking news in a seperate file. If you are interested in an article and cannot find it through the link provided, please let me know. I will do what I can to help you. Thank you, and have a great day.

Update: Thank you, SignOn San Diego, for catching that first breaking news story about Pinochet! Good job.

Positive Predictions for the year ahead in Iraq

Watch out world, even the FRENCH news service has something positive to say about Iraq's Economy along with a dig or two directed at the United States. Knickerbocker News would like to be fair and balanced. So, you will have to call the shots on this one.

Positive predictions for the year ahead in Iraq
unemployment should be tackled by new government

BAGHDAD: Experts predict the formation of a new Iraqi government, following a year of political reforms, will help stabilize the country, revive its stagnant economy and pave the way .....The December 15 general election "doesn't guarantee any of those things, but it offers the promise that now we can put it in place." That all depends on the smooth formation of the next government...."The economic prospects in 2006 will be good for Iraq, provided we have a consensus government which includes all major groups in Iraq and they agree on an economic program," said Abbas Abu al-Timen, the director of the Baghdad Economic Forum...... And one of the digs: The battering the country took under sanctions in the 1990s, followed by the chaos and looting during and after the U.S.-led invasion of March 2003 have had a devastating effect on the Iraqi economy. For the rest of the story, see the Agence France Presse (AFP) that appeared in the Lebanon Daily Star

We see free enterprise and determination of Iraqi people rising out of the ashes of its former self much like the young Arabian Phoenix gathering the ashes of its predecessor into an egg of myrrh and taking it to Heliopolis, the city of the sun. This is a symbolic representation of the death and rebirth of the sun portrayed in both ancient Arabic and Greek mythology.
"Might represent the sun, which dies every night and is reborn the next morning. Among classical writers, it may represent those existing in paradise, enjoying eternal youth. Among Christians, it can represent rebirth after death. "
Maybe there is something to the mythology that has been lost by our collective pessimism. The Democrats in our country who pride themselves as the intellectuals are truly on the wrong side of history again and show their crude ignorance of the agility of the human race. Defeatism of our democratic party is mind boggling.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

NSA Requests Investigation into Leaks

There have been several investigations on the Hill in the past couple of decades. Some have the appearance of political vendetas, but this one is justified. Someone somewhere is giving away or selling classified information to people they should not.
The Justice Department Justice Department has opened an investigation into the leak of information to the media about a domestic eavesdropping domestic eavesdropping program run by the National Security Agency...

Officials have confirmed to FOX News that the FBI is involved in the investigation, but did not comment on whether other agencies were involved. One official has said the referral for the probe came from the NSA.[1]
Since December 16, 2005, the Democrats have been calling for hearings about the substance of the article in New York Times, along with a few Republicans. Others would prefer to know who keeps giving the national secrets away? One thing is certain, President Bush did not press for this investigation.
Bush didn't request the investigation and was informed of it today, said White House spokesman Trent Duffy at a press briefing in Crawford, Texas. The Justice Department is looking at the leak of classified information to the New York Times, which disclosed the spying conducted by the National Security Agency. [2]
Everything that has been in the news, such as the type of airplanes the CIA uses, the 'prisons' overseas, etc, amounts to a growing suspicion of who can be trusted at this crucial time in history? It is very important in times of war that the enemy not know your every move even before you make it.

Everything they learn, from the way the war is run, to the way Congress can't keep from being in front of a camera, endangers us. All of us.
White House spokesman Trent Duffy on Friday, speaking to reporters from the president's ranch in Crawford, Texas, echoed previous comments from the administration, saying that terrorists want to strike again and leaks put America in danger.

"The fact is that Al Qaeda's playbook is not printed on page one. And when America's is, it has serious ramifications," Duffy said.[3]
Precisely. In the days after September 11, 2001, we found their training book. It teaches them to lie, complain about torture, accuse the USA of civil rights abuses, etc. According to precedent, terrorists do not have civil rights. We have a Constitution, we do not have a suicide pact.
"We believe that the President must have the best possible intelligence to protect the American people, but that intelligence must be produced in a manner consistent with our Constitution and our laws, and in a manner that reflects our values as a nation," the letter says.[4]
It has the appearance, at times, that the Democrats are more concerned with protecting the terrorists rights than those of the American people. They seem to find something wrong with everything about this war. Are they against this war? Why would they be against this war? It is hard to say.

The facts are we are at war with an enemy that is laughing whenever there is a political fight over the war, and THAT endangers our troops. Maybe, just once, Congress would have the decency to consider them.

Sources: Fox News[1], Bloomberg[2], Fox News[3], and CNN[4].

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tsunami Changes Hearts: Rebels & Gov.'t, Indonesia

The long-standing military arm of the Free Aceh Movement has decided to lay down their arms and join the civil society and political part of Indonesia.
BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (AP) -- A year after the tsunami destroyed their battlefield, Indonesia's Aceh rebels formally disbanded their armed wing on Tuesday, effectively ending their 30-year separatist insurgency. [continue reading]
After the tsunami on December 26, 2004, both the rebels and the Indonesian government decided to talk to one another so as not to add to the peoples suffering.
The tidal waves swept away more than 200,000 people in 12 countries, with Indonesia's Aceh province bearing the brunt: more than 156,000 killed. A year to the day after the disaster, survivors wept and prayed in ceremonies at mass graves and beachside memorials across the Indian Ocean region on Monday.

"After the dimension of the disaster became clear, we ordered our units to stop fighting and to help save lives," said Bachtiar Abdullah, an exiled leader of the Aceh separatist movement. He spoke Saturday as he returned home after 25 years in Sweden.
Both sides made concessions so as to keep the peace talks fruitful, and they were. The government conceded 70% of the mineral rights profit and a limited amount of self government. The rebels conceded their long held fight for independence.

So far, it appears the peace is holding. It is a hopeful sign indeed for these two warring parties. Let us hope this good thing that comes on the heels of this tragedy holds.

Adopt a Valour-IT Hero

Soldiers' Angels has had a project called Project Valour-IT for some time now. I have some good news to report. Some 200 brave young men and women have received their computers from the monies we have raised.

For those of you who are new to this Project, the computers are voice-activated so the person using one may continue with blogging, word processing, and writing just about whatever they need or want to write. This is very good for those who've given so much. It is the least we could do.

We would like to continue our work with your help. Donors may now adopt a one of these Soldiers on the waiting list. Patti Bader has informed Holly Aho there are about 30 Soldiers whom have signed up for the Project just waiting to be adopted.

If you are interested, the laptops cost approximately $675+shipping. That is not bad! No, not bad at all. Please try to remember these are men and women whom have lost the use of their arm(s) and maybe even the whole arm. How did they do this? Fighting for you and me to keep us free.

You have asked, "What can I do to make a difference? How can I contribute?" This is how. You can do so right now. Just go to Project Valour-IT's site, and you will find the information you need there. Thank you so much for your help.

If you cannot afford to buy a whole computer, do not despair! I have a link on my sidebar that allows you to donate to Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT. Any amount is deeply appreciated. Thank you. Have a great day.

Canada Buys Liberal Tripe

The Canadian government is blaming the United States for the increase in gun violence they are experiencing. The rhetoric that they are spewing is unbelievable and it smacks of the same kind of nonsense we have come to expect from our friends on the left in this country. The Canadians, who have strict gun laws and not nearly as many gun owners as the United States is blaming the united States because they have people committing crimes with guns. Here are some quotes from the Canadians:

  • "What happened yesterday was appalling. You just don't expect it in a Canadian city,"

  • "It's a sign that the lack of gun laws in the U.S. is allowing guns to flood across the border that are literally being used to kill people in the streets of Toronto,"

  • "The U.S. is exporting its problem of violence to the streets of Toronto

First of all, there is no lack of gun laws in this country. There are tens of thousands of gun laws. Secondly, if there were, that would not account for the fact that Canada has a problem. You see, Canada has gun laws but that has not stopped the criminals in Canada from getting them. These people have bought into the same mindless ideas that our liberals here in America have and that is, gun laws will control crime. That is just nonsense because criminals do not obey laws. THAT IS WHY WE CALL THEM CRIMINALS. Only law ABIDING people obey the law and they are not the ones likely to commit a crime. The fact of the matter is, the liberal policies in Canada, the same ones our libs want to impose, are not working. They have been a failed experiment and the liberal Canadian government is looking to find someone to blame for its own failure.

The idea that we are exporting our "problem of violence" is also a joke. America has its problems with violence even if you exclude the home grown gangs or the imported, illegal immigrant gangs. It is interesting to note that the most violent places in America are in the heavily populated areas of the BLUE states. The areas in this country with the most crime are those areas where people are under the thumbs of the Democrats. You find very little violent crime in the Red areas of this country. I will leave you to draw the conclusion. Violence aside, America has a criminal control problem. When violent offenders can go before a judge and have liberal twits argue about their childhood and then be released, you are asking for disaster. If we locked up violent criminals for a very long time they would not have the chance to be repeat offenders. Since about 67% of violent criminals commit another violent crime, we could really reduce the crime problem.

No, Canada does not have a problem with America exporting crime and violence. Canada has a problem controlling its criminals because of failed liberal politicians.

Read it here.

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Middle class undermined by mass immigration

Second in a series of Borders Language and culture originally appeared in Sonoran News during November. We are reprinting the series with permission of the newspaper. Sonoran News is an Arizona that serves Cave Creek, Carefree, North Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Rio Verde, Anthem, The Boulders, Desert Mountain, Legend Trail, Pinnacle Peak, Terravita, Tramonto, Troon, Tatum Ranch and Winfield.

Middle class undermined by mass immigration‘I don’t believe ...Hispanic community wants open borders’

This is the first in a series of articles on the Southwest Conference on Illegal Immigration, Border Security and Crime hosted by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Nov. 4 and 5.


SCOTTSDALE – During his welcome and opening remarks at the Southwest Conference on Illegal Immigration, Border Security and Crime last Friday and Saturday, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas said when his office announced the conference, one person asked for his resignation while one of the panelists called him a racist.

“The connection between illegal immigration and crime is undeniable,” said Thomas, who commented on how the diversity of the panelists and attendees was indicative of how important the issues are in the region.

The first panel discussion was moderated by KTVK News Channel 3 Anchor Olivia Fierro.

State Rep. Steve Gallardo, D-Dist. 13, said, after he was invited to be a panelist, “People were telling me, ‘Steve, don’t do it.’” However, Gallardo said, “We need to be coming together on this crisis.” Recognizing there are millions of people living in this country illegally, Gallardo said, “We need to know who they are and why they’re here.

We need rational immigration policies and border security.

“I can’t believe the audience is listening to someone who is pretty liberal,” said Gallardo, adding, “But, I don’t believe anyone, including the Hispanic community, wants open borders.” John Fund, from the Wall Street Journal, pointed out to those who believe there’s a need to crack down on illegal immigration to prevent a terrorist attack, “Eight of the 19 hijackers were registered to vote in this country.” After commenting about the dismal failure of bilingual education, which was recently ended in California, Fund said, “Assimilation has become a dirty word. Assimilation is what made this country great. We need legal immigration and assimilation.” Mark Krikorian, executive director, Center for Immigration Studies, said the basic question we need to ask about immigration, not just illegal immigration, is, “What kind of society do we want?” He said, “The middle class society that we aspire to is undermined by mass immigration.” Because approximately half the immigrants in Arizona are illegal, Krikorian said it creates an enormous mismatch of low-level skills to jobs.

He said some people think there are only two options: mass deportation or amnesty.

He added that somewhere in the middle there is enforcement.

Kirkorian explained the way to back out of this problem is to reduce the illegal population. And, he said the way to reduce the illegal population is across-the-board, consistent enforcement of immigration laws.

Farrell Quinlan, vice president, policy development and communications, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, believes Arizona’s demographics indicate there’s a labor shortage. Quinlan said, “We can’t round up 11 million illegal aliens and deport them.” He said one thing was clear: the system is broken and, on behalf of the Chamber and the entire business community, he urged the President and Congress “to fix this broken system.” Fund said any reform would have to include a guestworker program, citing what an enormous success the Bracero program was during the 1950s and 60s. Krikorian emphatically disagreed.

“The success of the Bracero program?“ he said.

“The reason we had illegal immigration was because of the Bracero program.” He called the Hispanic activists’ decry of ethnic cleansing for deporting illegal aliens “hokum,” and said, “There’s nothing more permanent than the temporary worker.” When Fierro asked Gallardo if he agreed with the governor’s declaration of a state of emergency in Arizona, he responded, “Yes,” since it enabled her to obtain $1.5 million.

Quinlan added, “Hopefully more money would be coming,” but questioned Krikorian’s wanting to “put more teeth in the same failed system.” Krikorian said, “I defend enforcing the system we currently have now. We have never enforced the current law.” “Certain parts of our immigration system are working quite well,” said Fund sarcastically, adding as an example of unintended consequences, “It took me two hours to come back across from Mexico with my American passport.” Quinlan said, “[Rigid enforcement] will force these people underground. This can’t be done on a piecemeal basis.” He mentioned issues with regard to education, healthcare and auto insurance, and stated, “We have to have a guest-worker program.” In closing, Krikorian recited a quote, “You can’t have open immigration in a welfare state.” However, he added, “We have open immigration in a welfare state.” Although the solution he’s heard from Libertarians is to get rid of the welfare state, Krikorian said, “That simply isn’t going to happen. Given that, it is appalling to import more working poor. It is simply not sustainable.” Fierro brought up the movie, “A Day without a Mexican,” and asked, “Who would want these jobs?” Although none had seen the movie, Quinlan said, “If we eliminated these workers, our economy would come to a halt.” Krikorian stated the movie had a racist premise and said, “What you would see is not an elimination of those in the labor force, you’d see an attrition. It would be a process, not an event.” Fund stated one of the biggest problems was the failure of public education and said, “We need to improve public education.” Gallardo agreed with Fund on public education, but said, “We need this work force. These are jobs we don’t want to take.” Fierro asked if they thought consular cards were appropriate as identification.

Gallardo said law enforcement officers have stated they would rather have something, including consular cards, than nothing.

“Obviously law enforcement will say they prefer the consular cards,” said Fund, adding, “Ask what their confidence level is in that ID. It’s very low. I don’t believe we should issue any ID to illegal immigrants.” “It’s not the Mexican government’s problem,” said Krikorian, “It’s the acceptance.

The very fact that we allow the acceptance is outrageous.” He said it basically grants amnesty that Congress won’t grant.

Quinlan held up a social security card and called it a joke. He said it utilized 1930’s technology and that the impact of identity theft under current law was so prevalent because those who come across illegally won’t use their real name.

“They want to keep their real identity pure,” said Quinlan. He said they use aliases in case they’re deported, so they won’t have to wait 10 years before they can come across legally.

Krikorian pooh-poohed words such as “regularization,” which he called amnesty without using the word. He said, “We’ve already tried amnesty up front with a promise of enforcement. We need enforcement first.”

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Results from the Iraqi Elections

Mohammed from Iraq the Model has brought us this breaking news.
The election commission announced the results of voting that took place in military bases and 15 countries outside Iraq. The four major lists scored the following numbers:
Kurdish alliance: 176,361 (36.56%)

United Iraqi Alliance: 146,191 (30.28%)

Iraqi list (Allawi): 53,576 (10.11%)

Iraqi Accord Front: 23,409 (4.85%)
Due to much speculation by the 'pundits' here in America, I highly recommend you read this article from someone who lives in Baghdad. He has written a very thoughtful and well organized article about the situation on the ground.

He goes into details I would fail to grasp, because this is his country and his neighborhood. There is good news, tentatively, along with some gruesome facts about certain things that happen when creating a democracy from scratch. (They remind me of the Democrat Party!) It is a very educational read.

Update: Omar has written more on today's news in Iraq. It is astonishing how well this is being covered in Iraq by 2 brothers and yet, not a peep of good news back here at home. No wonder our men and women in uniform do not understand why no one has a clue as to the good things happening in Iraq. All they have to do is start reading blogs!

You can do this, and you will know more than any 'pundit' does! LOL. Have a great day, and remember to say a prayer for our troops, the coalition, and the Iraqis.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Pundit Review: Intelligent Design

Gregg and Kevin did a wonderful job on the radio today substituting for the Independent Guy. The first hour they covered bumper stickers. You know, your favorite ones and the worst ones you've seen. It was a blast.

The second hour they covered a recent report on education. Our children are in trouble unless we get involved in their education. If you see a Mom struggling, help her children with their homework. It doesn't seem like much, but your effort may help those children suceed in school.

The third hour was filled with many questions to Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail. He gave us an update of what life is like in the Sunni triangle. Yes, he was there. He just returned. Remember to visit his site!

Gregg and Kevin shall be discussing Intelligent Design tomorrow. You may listen live at 9am to Noon EST! Streaming Live @ They will be here all week.

To read Kevin's site, go to Pundit Review. There is much good information there. Have a great day!

Hrant Dink Threatened for Speech, Turkey

Hrant Dink is a journalist and editor, yet he is also a human rights defender. He writes for a bilingual Armenian-Turkish weekly newspaper named Agos. The initial proceedings against him for ' insulting Turkishness' began April 28, 2005, and he was convicted on October 7, 2005, for a different charge of 'insulting Turkishness.'

The first charge is thought to stem from a question he answered in 2002 pertaining to his feelings about reciting the Turkish pledge of allegience, stating he is a Turk which he is not, during his youth in Turkey. The second charge is pertaining to an article he had written. He believes the charge against his article is because it is taken out of context.

He had actually written a series of articles to encourage Armenians in Diaspora to put down their hatred of the Turks, and become more involved with Armenian issues. This was his crime. At that time, he received a sencence of six months which was suspended.

It has come to the attention of many intellectuals and journalists that he is now being threatened with 4 1/2 years imprisonment for 'influencing the judiciary.' This makes the 3rd charge against this journalist.

The Turkish government is chosing to see this as judicial influencing because Mr. Dink declared he would leave the country if his appeal was not successful.
The country's most famous novelist, Orhan Pamuk, was charged under the law with insulting Turkey, for telling a Swiss newspaper in February that "30,000 Kurds and 1 million Armenians were killed in these lands, and nobody but me dares to talk about it."
This is considered by Turkey to be an insult, and it is not legal to speak any workds in Turkey, even when true, that insult the government.

According to Prime Minister Recep Yayyip Erdogan, "Freedoms are not limitless; in freedom there's a definite limit." This was stated last week. (How would you like to live there?)

Three other journalists were also charged with trying to influence the judiciary after they criticized Dink's conviction, including Mr. Dink's son. He says that his aim is to alleviate the tensions between Turkey and Armenia. Dink is appealing against the conviction.
Please send appeals:
Protesting the decision to bring Hrant Dink to trial for the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression, and requesting that the charges against him be dropped.

Emphasising that the right to freedom of expression is guaranteed by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights, to which Turkey is a signatory.
The Minister of Justice Mr Cemil Çiçek
Ministry of Justice
Adalet Bakanligi
06659 Ankara, Turkey
Fax: + 90 312 418 5667
Salutation: Dear Minister

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
TC Easbakanlik
Ankara, Turkey
Fax: + 90 312 417 0476
Salutation: Dear Prime Minister
Sources: ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP), English Pen, Free expression is no offense.

BN: Gas Released in Russian Store, Sickens

There have been incidences of a 'gas' substance released in approxiamately 3 different sites of the Maxidom home-goods chain. One store that was affected is in Russia's second largest city. After a search, boxes with wires and timers attached directly to the ampules which allegedly held the gas were found.

There were 78 people who were sickened and sought medical attention. Of that number, 66 of them are now hospitalized, states Viktor Beltsov, a spokesman of the Emergency Situations Ministry. Russia claims that none of the reasons for their staying in the hospital is life-threatening.

These same devices were also found at two other stores owned by this chain, said Andrei Aylabiev. He is another spokesman of the Emergency Situations Ministry.

As the news is being reported here, they are stating this was not a terrorist attack.

Source: St. Petersburg, Russia (AP)

Editors Note: Should we all just stop looking for terrorists? Apparently there are no more! The attacks in England? That was just some misguided youths, just as in France during the October fire drill.

These countries, including our own, will not confide in us that there is a danger looming. Why won't they? Because if they did (which they cannot because it would give away National Security secrets, and we are NOT the NY Times), the grip of fear would paralyze us.

Why doesn't President Bush talk about the weapons of mass destruction that we have found? Probably because we cannot let the enemy know we have captured 'x'-amount of 'a' and 'y'-amount of 'b'.

Let me explain. If someone has 1000 tons of 'x' and we captured 500 tons of 'x', we don't want them looking for the other 500! BTW, we have captured much, be assured.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Amazing Grace

Friday, December 23, 2005

Who Is Nuttier?

A judge in New York allowed a man to change his name to Jesus Christ. The judge said name changes are not usually denied on the grounds that they might cause problems (like with ID cards, licenses, etc.) and she cited several cases where people changed their names to Jesus Christ and to Santa Claus.

The only problem I see is that the man stated the reason he wanted to change his name to Jesus Christ is because he is Jesus Christ.

I would think that this person is not capable of making decisions on his own. It would be very likely that he should be in a place where they can keep an eye on him around the clock. The real question is, shouldn't the judge be locked up with him?

Read it here

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How The Substitute Stole Christmas

A substitute school teacher named Theresa Farrisi caused emotional trauma to a bunch of school children by proclaiming that Santa Claus does not exist. The teacher had a simple assignment. She was supposed to read the poem "A Visit From Saint Nicholas" by Clement C. Moore. That seems like a simple enough task yet this dunderhead did not get it right. She does not believe that parents should tell their children that there is a Santa Claus so she interjected her opinion while reading the poem.

She told the children that Claus did not exist. She went so far as to tell them of Nickolas of Myrna who died in 343 A.D. upon whom the myth of Santa Claus was based. Some of the children took that to mean that Santa Claus was dead. This ignorant teacher is not paid by the school system to interject her personal beliefs in her assigned duties. She had a simple assignment, to read a poem. This is a terrible breach of trust and the teacher should be fired.

Now, there will be some who want to know what harm was caused because she told the truth as she sees it and after all, the children will learn the truth someday. Well they will learn about sex someday but only when the time comes. The harm here is that she ruined Christmas for many children because she decided what was best for the children in opposition to the parent's wishes. Anyone who believes that this was appropriate should ask how they would feel if the teacher believed in racism and they asked her to read Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech and she interjected her views into that. I imagine we would have a whole different uproar and she would be fired on the spot.

This is what has become of the school system. Children are exposed to the personal beliefs of teachers. Teachers should concern themselves with curriculum and nothing more than teaching that curriculum. If this particular teacher had a problem reading the poem she should have informed the principal and allowed that person to handle it. By taking matters into her own hands she ruined the holiday for many.

Read it here.

A little tribute from the Dog

You're A Mean One Substitute
You really are so cruel
You're as thoughtful as a moonbat
As delightful as a fool

You're a bad influence
From a shallow gene pool

You're a monster, substitute
You're head's an empty hole
Your brain is non-existent
You've got meanness as a goal

I'd like to beat you with a
Thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.

Feel free to add as many lines as you would like!

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Brian Maloney and KRKO

Kevin at Pundit Review has shared with us this great news about Brian!
Sorry for the late notice, but Brian Maloney of Radio Equalizer has been doing a great job all week filling in for Scott Allen Miller on WRKO’s Boston This Morning.

As always, you can stream the show live right here.

UPDATE: Brian is also guest hosting next week, every morning 5:30-9am. [EST]

When Brian was on Pundit Review a few months ago, he broke the news that Michael Graham had been fired from his job in Washington DC for controversial comments about Islam. Ironically, Michael has just taken over the afternoon drive on Boston’s other talk station.
This is certainly great news for this young radio icon and his audience. Looking forward to tuning in. You may not want to miss this. It will be a nice change of pace.

Pundit Review's Big News & Salutes the Troops

Today, Friday December 23, 2005, Gregg and Kevin of Pundit Review will be hosting The John Depetro Show from 9am until noon EST.
We’ll get to cover such a wide variety of topics from breaking news to last minute Christmas shopping, Intelligent Design and the Top 5 Local Business Stories of 2005. Who knows what else? We may even have a special guest appearence from popular bloggers like LaShawn Barber. Stay tuned for more details next week.
9am-noon, Friday and all next week
You can stream the show live and call us with questions or comments at 877-469-4322.

This should be a real blast! Break a leg, fellas. [read more].

Then on their regularly scheduled Sunday program at 6pm EST, there is a very fine line-up. Also, on this special day (Christmas for those of you who live in caves, lol), all the partisanship is set aside, and they will have a round-up of great guests to Salute the Troops.
We will highlight soldiers and organizations that support them and their familes. So, after spending a day with your family, spend an hour on Christmas evening saying thank you to those who make it all possible.

Guest List

1. Walter Goya, you may recognize the name. His heroics were chronicled on Michael Yon’s blog. A member of Deuce Four serving in Mosul Iraq, Walt was twice injured in combat. Hasn’t let him keep eye injury from his dream of being photographer. Learn more about Walt here.

2. Judith Young, Executive Director of Gold Star Mothers, an organization dedicated to offering support to mothers of soldiers killed in combat. This group has been doing this since WWII. Judith lost her son in Beruit in 1983. She will talk to us about how difficult the holidays can be for families, how the GSM can help, and how people listening can help fund their efforts.

3. James D. Weiskopf, the Director of Communications for the Fisher House. He will come on to give us an overview of the Fisher House, as well as information on how people can support their efforts (cash, donate frequent flier miles to families of wounded soldiers, etc).

4. Bill Roggio from The Fourth Rail will help us close the show. Bill has just returned from several months in Iraq where he did some of the best citizen journalism we’ve seen.
Thank you to all Soldiers, Seamen, Marines, Coast Guard, NG, Reserves, and all the people that stayed behind to keep the homefires burning. May everyone have a very Merry ChristMass or Hanukkah and Happy New Year.

News from Liberia, Africa

President-elect Ellen Johnson Sirleaf learned yesterday that her oponant for president, George Weah, has dropped his challenge, giving way for the innauguration to go smoothly.

It took all of 4 minutes for the UN Security Council to unanimously vote to keep the ban on the sale of arms, diamonds, and timber for six months to a year, because of the unstability in the transfer of power after such a long time of war lead by Charles Taylor.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Zimbabwe's Mugabe, 82, Seeking Exit Strategy?

The Financial Gazette has an interesting article about Zimbabwe, Mugabe's exit, and upcoming elections. While they discuss constitutional amendments, keep in mind the Movement for a Democratic Change (MDC) has been the brunt of violence at each election. Therefore, they do not have a voice in these procedings.

Mugabe's term of office is over, if he stays in office, in 2008. There are talks of having an interim president until 2010, from 2008-2010, so as to ease the country into a new governing body.

Zimbabwe is a country slightly larger than the state of Montana with a population of 1.5 million people. The capitol is Harare (pronounced Ha-RAR-e). It is located in Southern Africa, and it's terrain is mostly desert with a subtropical climate.

While Zimbabwe has had a turmoltuos chaotic time with this government, here is how it is constructed:
Type: Parliamentary.
Constitution: December 21, 1979.
Independence: April 18, 1980.

Branches: Executive--President (chief of state and head of government), Cabinet. Legislative--In the 150-seat House of Assembly, 120 seats are popularly elected and 30 are directly appointed by the president or selected through a process strongly influenced by him. Judicial--High Court, Court of Appeal, local and customary courts.

Administrative subdivisions: Town Councils and District Councils.

Main political parties: Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front [Mugabwe's party] (ZANU-PF); Movement for Democratic Change [Opposition party] (MDC); National Alliance for Good Governance (NAGG), Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU), Zimbabwe African National Union-Ndonga (ZANU-Ndonga).
If you would care to find out more about the people and the economy, you may do so by reading this. Have a good day.

Correction: The population of Zimbabwe is actually 15, not 1.5, million.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Germany Frees Terrorist; Hostage Set Free; Coincidence?

Ten days ago Germany set a Lebanese Hizbollah highjacker who murdered U.S. Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem in Beirut. Stethem was beaten, tortured-the real kind-then shot and throw out onto the tarmac. He was on TWA flight number 847 from Athens, Greece to Rome, Italy.

This was in 1985, and the USA has been trying to pursuade Germany to release him to US custody ever since. Germany has not complied, and now they have let him free before his parole hearing. He would have been back in Beruit earlier, but the assassination of journalist Gebran Tueni. I wonder, were they involved in this also?

Lebanon now claims the USA has no right to ask for him to be extradicted.
"Originally they [the U.S. government] could have requested that Germany hand him over. Why are they asking us?" Prime Minister Fouad Siniora told reporters Wednesday.
Oh really? Then why did they say this further in the article?
As for sending Hammadi directly to U.S. from Germany, Assaf said that Germany and any European country would reject a U.S. request for Hammadi's extradition on the grounds that he could have faced capital punishment in the U.S., which is against the European Law on the Convention of Human Rights.
Does it sound to you as if the USA was not trying to bring him to US justice? They have been trying to get him ever since the vicious and unprovoked murder. It this editor's opinion, these two statements contradict one another. You, the reader, decide.

As far as the others involved in the highjacking, along with Mohammad Ali Hammadi.
...the U.S. government offered a reward of up to $5 million for information on the whereabouts of the TWA 847 hijackers, where it named the suspects that "are thought to be in Lebanon or Syria" and "need to be brought to justice,": Imad Fayez Mugniyeh, Hassan Izz-al-Din and Ali Atwaa. [continue to read the whole article.]
Mr. President Bush, Hammadi is living with his brother Abdel-Hadi who is a senior special security official within Hizbullah in Lebanon. Go get them!

Hezbollah killer freed as hostage is released

From The Scotman Newspaper Wed, December 21, 2005

GERMANY has quietly released a Hezbollah member jailed for life for the murder of a US Navy diver, disregarding Washington's desire that he be extradited or remain behind bars, officials said yesterday.

The government said there was no link between Mohammad Ali Hammadi's release and that of a German hostage in Iraq just days later.

"He served his term," Eva Schmierer, a spokeswoman for Germany's justice ministry, told a news conference.

For the rest of the article, please visit The Scotsman Online Newspaper

Related topic in The ScotmanInternational terrorism

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Conservative Steve Laffey for Senate: Rhode Island

You may have noticed there is no party affiliation with this candidate. This is due to the fact that both parties have lost their way. They are wandering through yours and my tax dollars, trying to find ways to spend it. It is time someone stood up and said, "No more!"

Someone has. His name is Mayor Steve Laffey. He is running for the US Senate to replace the liberal Republican Sen. Chafee.

Sen. Chafee voted against Justice Priscilla Owens, he voted to tax anyone who made a 'windfall profit' to pay an extra tax for the government to spend, er, 'give back to the people.' (yeas-35; Nays-64.) To look through his entire voting record, here is a link to the Senate's votes. This is another good link to know who voted how.

The Club for Growth (congratulations on your win for Best Business Blog!) has endorsed Mayor Laffey. If you would care to find out about the Club for Growth, their blog, or help Mayor Laffey, please follow the provided links.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Club for Growth. It is a very good grassroots organization. We believe in pro-growth, limited government, civil discourse, limited taxation, individual responsibility, and privacy. If you would like to find out more about us, I invite you to visit our site and our blog.

Endorsement: This paper endorses Mayor Laffey. (You may donate here.) I have stopped all funds to the Republican Party, because I believe in honor. When people abandon their principles for the sake of power and money, it is time for them to go. If they are going to act like Democrats, we might as well have the real thing.

I would prefer not to have it this way, however! Please contribute whatever you can to Mayor Laffey's campaign. Thank you.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Iraq-The Day After

Yesterday was such a momentous day that I barely listened to all the negative statements being made today. There was something about the president secretly spying on Americans (no secret, ask Rockefellor-Dem., no spying on American-American), something about a civil war, and a lot of stuff we've heard for years now. I'm tired of it, and I'm simply too happy to let it affect me.

I feel sorry, in a way, for the Democrats who chose not to share in the joy of this Iraqi who wrote a letter to Mohammed, of Iraq the Model, about yesterday's vote:
Like eyelashes close in delight upon the sight of one's lover, the boxes closed their lips on Iraqis’ballots.

The tyrants forced us to remain silent for decades but yesterday our fingers spoke out loud in purple.

The fingers wore their purple wedding dress while the enemies wore the black of hatred and evil.

Elections have become the new tradition of Iraqis, those new democrats who proudly want to show the world their new experiment but on the other side there are our "cousins” who still want us to go back to the sheep barn.

We marched to vote and we respected our differences while Saddam is creeping in his cage chewing on his hatred.

From 59 to 64 to one year our people have proven that the future belongs to them and not those whose claws scarred Iraq’s neck.

A few bombs and some bullets, that’s all what the terrorists could do to interrupt the carnival in Baghdad. The people heard the explosions but those weren’t loud enough to distract the marching hearts from their destination. I saw our policemen yesterday showing their hearts too when they refused to wear their armors, maybe because they didn’t want to let anything stand between our hearts from theirs.

I asked an election official about the problems they faced. He answered laughing:

“Iraqis are like sweet fruit, and their sweetness lies in their big hearts and meeting them at the voting station yesterday was enjoyable like eating a good plate of sweets! They cast their ballots while I enjoyed the Iraqi symphony of patriotism”.

It was a day of happiness for Iraqis and a day of loss for the strangers who thought their camels brought them to a land void of patriots.

It is a day we will await to come again for four long years…to do the right thing again or to correct the mistake if we did one yesterday.

Anyway, I believe we left a mark on the face of history, a purple mark that will not be forgotten easily.

God bless Iraq and Iraq’s friends throughout this world. It wasn’t our day alone; it was your day too.

Aash al-Iraq…Aash al-Iraq.
Thank you, USA Military and loved ones. You were there on the front lines to bring this day forward. Loved ones, you made it bearable. Thank you, also, Coalition Partners. You saw the great vision of freedom, and you stepped up to the plate instead of sitting on the sidelines of history.

Thank you, also, to where credit is due. Thank you Iraqis. You have braved the dangers of the terrorists and insurgences, uncertainty, and tyranny to move forward to the promise of faith, hope, and love.

Faith of your fathers, faith of your own. Your right to choose how you live, and faith in your fellow man. Hope for a better and peaceful future. Hope for dreams unimaginable yet. Love for your country, your family, your God (for those religious), and peace.

May He shine on you always, may your hope be nurtured well, and may your love prove itself through the transformation of a great nation and be fulfilled.

Kerry's Impeachment Crack Not Funny

I was not going to get involved in this one yet, but, here it is:

GOP: Kerry's Impeachment Crack Not Funny
This article was written by Susan Jones, Senior Editor

The Republican Party sees nothing funny about Sen. John F. Kerry's crack that President Bush should be impeached.

If Democrats take back the House in 2006, there would be a "solid case" to bring articles of impeachment against Bush for "misleading" the country about prewar intelligence, the National Journal's Hotline quoted Kerry as saying.

Kerry spoke Wednesday night at a holiday party for those who worked on his losing 2004 presidential campaign. He gave a short speech at a Washington bar. Link to story: GOP: Kerry's Impeachment Crack Not Funny

This is not the first time that Kerry has let his rear over ride his senses. We have unresolved conflict disputes with Kerry that goes way back. I'll leave that for another day. Below is the official RNC response:

Thursday, December 15, 2005
RNC Response To John Kerry’s Latest Outrageous Statement
Contact: Tracey Schmitt 202-863-8614

WASHINGTON –RNC Communications Director Brian Jones responded to Senator John Kerry’s call for presidential impeachment with the following statement. “With his impeachment advocacy last night, John Kerry once again showed how out of touch he is with American people and how in step he is with the far left fringes of the Democrat party. For one of the leaders of the Democrat party to begin a push for presidential impeachment, in seriousness or jest, on the eve of the Iraq elections is both foolish and shortsighted.” Link to GOP Website

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Fairbanks Alaska reporter embedded with 172nd Stryker Brigade

Hat Tip to: Orbusmax

The following article is from Fairbanks, Alaska, News-Miner reporter Margaret Friedenauer who is embedded with the 172nd Stryker Brigade in Iraq. The permanent link to Margaret's article is :
The view from on the ground. It seems that about everything Margaret heard or read previously turned out to be incorrect or exaggerated by the Mainstream Media. She went to Iraq and is coming home changed because of her experiences there:

Think about everything you’ve heard about the conditions in Iraq, the role of U.S. forces, the multi-layered complexities of the war.

Then think again.

I’m a journalist. I read the news everyday, from several sources. I have the luxury of reading stuff newspapers don’t always have room to print. I read every tidbit I could on Iraq and the war before coming.

Everything I thought I knew was wrong.

Maybe not wrong, but certainly different than the picture in my head.......

I need to keep balanced. I can’t be a cheerleader, even if I have a soft spot for the hometown troops, especially after the welcome they’ve shown me. I still need to be truthful and walk the centerline and report the good or bad.

But then I realize it’s not a conflict of interest. If I am truly unbiased, then I need to get used to this one simple fact; that the untold story, might in fact, be a positive one. It takes a minute to wrap my mind around it, as a news junkie that became a news writer. The great, career-making, breaking news stories usually don’t have happy endings; they usually revolve around disturbing news, deceit and downfall. Nasty political doings. Gruesome crimes and murders. Revealing secrets. Link to Margaret's Article

I must respect Margaret's Journalistic Integrity and the fact that she is a paid reporter on assignment in Iraq from Fairbanks, Alaska. So, you will have to visit the Fairbanks News Miner to get the complete up to date details the Margaret's embedded reporting. I suggest that you start following Margaret on her journey with the 172nd Stryker Brigade in Iraq.

The above entry was posted on Wednesday, December 14th, 2005 at 1:26 pm and was filed under On the road. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can also leave a response, or trackback from your own site

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The Bosun Locker, Navy Corner

(Op Ed by Bosun) Joe Biden goes to Iraq

Hat tip to: Michelle Malkin

Phote obtained at:

Here is the accompanying clip from Reuters via Yahoo News:
U.S. Senator Joseph Biden shows his ink-stained finger in a polling centre during Iraq's parliamentary elections in al-Hillah, Babil province December 15, 2005

While Biden's pessimism is nothing new, he seems to ignore the facts, when it comes to his speeches and public affairs news releases. Freedom has been on the march in Iraq and Biden has continued his flawed rhetoric. Wonder why this was not a feature item in the press or was it just a photo op to be used at election time when the publics memory is a little foggy.

Let’s see in the GOP archives say about our Hippocratic Senator from Delaware has said about Iraq :

Sen. Biden’s Pessimistic Predictions On The Iraqi Elections:

Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE): “The Elections Are Going To Be Much Messier. We Are Left With A Bad Choice In Holding Elections And A Worse Choice Of Not Holding It.” (CNN’s “Late Edition,” 1/9/05)

Biden: “And I Think There’s Going To Be The Whole Question Of Whether Or Not The Sunnis Participate, Whether There’s Any Legitimacy In The Process If They Don’t, Et Cetera.” (CNN’s “Late Edition,” 1/9/05)

Biden Said Of The Iraqi Elections: “It’s Going To Be Ugly.” (PBS’ “Charlie Rose Show,” 1/5/05)

Biden: “[Election] Success Is Still Possibility. But It Is Receding Rapidly. It’s Being Made Much More Difficult.” (ABC’s “This Week,” 12/5/04)

“[D]emocrat Joe Biden Of Delaware, Said Postponing The Election Without A Guarantee Of Sunni Participation Later

On Would Just Add More Trouble To Iraq’s Already Difficult Road.” (NPR’s “All Things Considered,” 12/2/04)

“Biden Believes Iraqi Elections Scheduled For January Should Be Delayed To Stabilize The Country And Gain Wider Support For The Vote From Sunnis. The Situation Is Still Salvageable, He Said.” (Sean O’Sullivan, “Biden Has New Hope For Peace In Mideast,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 12/2/04)

"Sunnis Must Still Be Involved Politically, Democratic Senator Joe Biden Said. ‘They’re Going To Have To See More Sunnis Brought Into The Constitution Writing If There’s Going To Be Any Legitimacy At The End Of The Day, And I Think We’ll See That.’” (Michael McDonough,

“British And U.S. Officials Congratulate Iraqi Victors; Turkey Complains Results Skewed,” The Associated Press, 2/13/05)

Sen. Biden’s Pessimistic Predictions On The Transfer Of Sovereignty:

Sen. Biden Said Iraq Would Need A Referee After Ambassador Bremer Left Iraq. “[W]ho's going to be the referee when Bremer leaves?” (CBS’ “The Early Show,” 4/7/04)

Sen. Biden Said There Would Be “Absolute Chaos” From The Time Ambassador Bremer Departed Till The Iraqi Elections. “Does anyone think there's not going to be absolute chaos from June 30th until January 1st or 31st when we have general elections?” (CBS’ “The Early Show,” 4/7/04)

As you can see our democratic Senator from Delaware either is a BS artist or does not have a clue what he is talking about, or, perhaps both?

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

ACLU Joins Katrina Storm

Katrina CloudsI wrote a recent post describing that studies show race was not a factor in the aftermath of Katrina. The study showed that white people died at a disproportionately higher rate than any other group. I have discussed in the past all the failures of state and local government despite the droning on from the left about federal inadequacy. There have been countless examples of an ill prepared city that squandered federal money on casinos rather than safety and then, when the emergency hit, they abandoned their people. Governor Blanco was to busy worrying about her wardrobe and looking in charge and Mayor Nagin was too busy acting like an angry pimp instead of a leader.

Now we have the ACLU joining the race baiting with regard to Katrina. Make no mistake, the ACLU only cares about earning more money for the communists in charge of that anti-American organization. Here is a bit of their prattle:
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have seized - and shocked - our national psyche in an unprecedented way. We were shown image after image of poor black Americans cast aside. But, the poor and black were, in effect, cast aside when the two issues of racism and poverty merged into one, long before a hurricane landed aground on August 29.
Flooded BusesThe ACLU is using the same tactic that the liberal left uses. Say it enough times and make race the cause and people will listen. The fact is, many people in New Orleans took a conscious decision not to leave. If they died, it was on them. I have already pointed out the disparity in deaths, more whites died, yet the ACLU would have you believe that riot control police with shotguns prevented black people from leaving while letting the whites, as the ACLU puts it, board the Ark.

This is race baiting in the finest tradition of Jackson, Farrakhan, Sharpton, and the rest of the uninformed idiots who are supposed to be leaders. The ACLU vampires figured they could swoop in, blame problems on racism, file huge lawsuits, and then get paid taxpayer dollars to be involved.

When are Americans going to wake up and realize that this organization is selective in what rights it protects, is communist based, desires only taxpayer money, and is not in the best interest of the United States? We need to rid ourselves of this scurvy little spider that keeps spinning a web of anti-Americanism across this country.

Read it here.

Trackback to:
Stop the ACLU

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School Does Wrong, Wants Kid Expelled

An East High (Wichita) school kid might be expelled from school because the school violated his privacy. The student went to the restroom and he noticed a spy camera in the ceiling. He said he figured that some perverted janitor put it there and he took it. It turns out the camera belonged to the school! School officials placed it there to catch students who were drawing graffiti on restroom walls.

Now, the school wants the kid expelled because he took school property and that is against the rules. Problem is, no one is expelling the administrators who put the camera in the bathroom. That was against the rules and they never notified the school board. They admit the camera was placed there earlier in the year so countless students have had their privacy violated.

There does not seem to be a great uproar about this. Can you imagine what kind of uproar there would have been if this camera had been placed in the girls restroom? Everybody and their brother would have come unhinged at the perversion of it all. How dare they violate those poor little girls. When it is the boys room no one cares and they expel the kid who took the camera.

I think this kid should sue the school for violating his privacy. He should tell them how it has scarred him for life. Hell, he might never have to work. Should he have taken the camera? Who knows, since it did not belong there it was open game. We can see from the response that the school would have done nothing had he reported it.

The school said it was a mistake and it won't happen again. That is supposed to make it all better. They admitted the mistake, said it won't happen again and they expect that to be accepted, now move on. Here is an idea. Why don't they give the kid the same option. He can say he should not have taken it and it won't happen again. He should not have to wait for a hearing. They should take care of this as quickly as possible so the lad can get back to class. Schools are supposed to teach so how about doing so by example?

Read it here.

You can email the Principal .

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Radio Free Asia 12/15/2005

There is much unrest in China, no matter how they try to spin it. There is much happening with North Korea and outside of that country.

Activists Call for End to North Korean Abuses
In a declaration at the end of the conference on Saturday, participants called for more engagement from Seoul on the human rights issue, an end to Pyonyang's concentration camps and executions, and the return of South Koreans and Japanese who were abducted by the North. They also agreed to meet every year around Dec. 10, which is International Human Rights Day.
Hopefully the press will report these meetings and all the other atrocities that take place inside that closed communist country.

U.S. Fears Spread of Deadly Weapons by North Korea, Official Says
Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Crimes Stuart Levey told RFA’s Korean service that a number of North Korean entities have already been designated as weapons proliferators.
As I stated in a prior article, the North Korean government has built a mint into a mountain to produce $100 dollar bills. Be careful to check for counterfeits when handling them.

Chinese Township Under News Clampdown Following Clashes
Around a dozen families of those who died or who are still missing from the violence of Dec. 6 in Dongzhou Township are being closely monitored by local officials, residents told RFA.

“There are village officials sitting watching the homes of those who lost relatives, keeping an eye on their comings and goings,” one Dongzhou resident told RFA’s Mandarin service.
I sincerely do not believe anyone who thinks communism is great would be willing to withstand this treatment. THIS is what communism is, and this is on a good day.

Mob Attacks Home of Vietnamese Dissident, Family
“About 50 people, maybe more, maybe less, gathered in front of our house,” former Communist Party intellectual Hoang Minh Chinh said. “They encircled me and harassed me. They shouted, ‘You bastard, what did you do? You went abroad and said bad things about the government.'"

Born on Nov. 16, 1922 in the northern province of Nam Dinh, Chinh is a former Secretary General of the Vietnam Democratic Party and also a former director of the Vietnam Institute of Philosophy.

In Sept. 29 testimony to the Committee on International Relations of the U.S. House of Representatives, Chinh recounted a litany of rights abuses against religious groups, pro-democracy politicians, and prisoners of conscience.

The Dec. 1 attack lasted around three hours, during which the house was pelted with rotten eggs and tomatoes, and further threats were hurled, while four uniformed security agents looked on, Chinh said.
He was accused of talking badly about the government. If there was nothing bad to report, why be so afraid of what he may have said?

Thai Police Arrest 29 Lao Hmong, Plan To Deport Them
Landlords were threatened with imprisonment or fines up to U.S. $1,200 for sheltering the Hmong, whom Bangkok regards as illegal economic migrants.

The charges against them are illegal entry into Thailand and “wandering out of the confined area,” a Lao source said, adding, “They had to go out for work and food. They range in age from 10 to 25 years."
Hmm. I am not quite sure what the Laos government will do to people who dare to improve their lives, but Bangkok appears to have a better illegal alien and immigration policy in place than we do.

Response to China Toxic Spill Shows 'Lack of Good Governance,' Expert Says
A Nov. 13 explosion at the Jilin Petroleum and Chemical Co. plant dumped tons of cancer-causing benzene and other chemicals into the Songhua River, contaminating the water supply of the nearby city of Harbin.
Why have there been no outcries about this?! These poor people not only may, but will, drink this water. Where is the outrage? Is America the only country who tries to make sure everything is okay for everyone and that is why we get blasted? Because we cannot be perfect? Well EXCUSE ME! I don't want to hear it. Take care of these people who really need your voice.

Veteran Chinese Dissident Liu Binyan Dies at 80
WASHINGTON—The veteran Chinese journalist and U.S-based dissident Liu Binyan has died at a New Jersey hospital after a prolonged battle with colon cancer. He was 80.
He died December 5, 2005. His daughter, Liu Xiaoyan, was at his side as he passed shortly after midnight.

Liu Binyan's Widow Wants His Ashes Returned To China
“I am a Chinese. I am willing to return. I hope to be able to return. When I have finished taking care of things, I will go to the Chinese consulate to apply for a visa. I will find out then whether they will allow me to return or not,” Zhu Hong said from her home in East Windsor, New Jersey.
I hope she is able to have her wish granted.

Historical Election in Iraq 12/15/2005

April 9, 2003 is the day the Iraqis celebrate freedom from Saddam Hussein. It was by May 30, 2004 that an interim government was founded. They were tasked with setting up the first interim 'constitution' or guidelines.

In the meanwhile, many cities and towns started to set up their own governments with help from the Coalition Partners. Much of Iraq was at peace. Fifteen of the eighteen provinces were mostly unharmed except for a rare assault.

The first elections the Iraqis had were held on January 30, 2005. They were charged with the task of setting things in motion to write the Iraq Constitution. For the most part, the Sunnis boycotted this election for fear, hatred, anger, or disillusionment, however, they were invited to become a part of the team tasked to write the Constitution.

There was a Constitution written and voted on October 15, 2005. Today there is another election to elect the Parliament for the next 4 years who will be charged with the task of completing the Constitution to the liking of the Iraqi peoples and create a secure, free, autonomous Iraq.

Imagine this! It took the USA two Continental Congresses, a Revolution War against England, thirteen years to write and ratify our Constitution, a civil war, and a Civil Rights Movement to get to where we are today. This is amazing, and we are privileged to witness it happen. History unfolding before our very eyes in what appears to be swifter than a lightning strike.

There will be eight provinces reporting to Pajamas Media all throughout the day. Please check in constantly. Omar and Mohammed have already voted, and they are very excited. They have given the impression that many of the people are as excited.

The first time they voted, the importance of voting was to vote. These people braved threats of violent death to cast their votes in defiance. This time, they are speaking more in terms of what is best for Iraq.

These are amazing people, and they are fighting and dying and struggling and hoping for their future. Do not pull the rug out from under them. God bless their courage, their country, and them.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

On the eve of the Iraqi election, Iraqis Express Joy In New Government And Predict Peace! Bosun's angry Op-ed

On the eve of the Iraqi election, Iraqis Express Joy In New Government And Predict Peace!
Iraqi Expatriate Shamil Hadi: "I Am 37 Years Old. This Is The First Time I'm Voting ... Saddam Was The Worst Guy, Ever. I Feel Happy. This Is My Christmas - Today. ... This Is My Right. This Is My Right!" Iraqi Expatriate Khalil Jammooa: "This Is The Democratic Life. This Is How It Should Be Done." Saad Al-Jebori, 32, Of Dearborn, Michigan Wanted His Children To Experience What He Experienced Tuesday...."I'm Sure It's Going To Bring The Country To A Higher Level, And Probably Going To Bring More Peace." (Gregg Krupa, "Chance To Vote Thrills Iraqis," The Detroit News, 12/14/05)

While Iraqis Risk Lives To Vote For New Government, why must we put up with the negative and pessistic messages of retreat by the Democratic Party:

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV): "Iraq Must Get Its Political House In Order." (Press Conference, 12/14/05)

Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI): "[The Elections] Might Be A Step Towards Crisis And Towards All-Out Civil War.......There's A Chance For Success In Iraq, Providing The Iraqis Put Their Political House In Order." (Press Conference, 12/14/05)

Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI): "There Is Still A Great Danger That There Will Be Continued Violence And Even The Possibility Of A Civil War And A Fragmentation Of The Country." (Press Conference, 12/14/05)

Dems Own "Political House" is not in order:

Democratic Chairman Howard Dean "... Likened The War In Iraq To Vietnam And Said, 'The Idea That The United States Is Going To Win The War In Iraq Is Just Plain Wrong' ..." ("Dean Questions Commitment To Iraq Strategy,"The Associated Press, 12/5/05)

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA): "There Is No Reason, Bob, That Young American Soldiers Need To Be Going Into The Homes Of Iraqis In The Dead Of Night, Terrorizing Kids And Children ..." (CBS' "Face The Nation," 12/4/05)

DCCC Chair Rahm Emanuel (D-IL): "At The Right Time, We Will Have A Position [On Iraq]." (Charles Babington, "Hawkish Democrat Joins Call For Pullout," The Washington Post, 11/18/05)

Meanwhile, Democrats ignore Iraqi successes:
"Eighty-Five Percent Of Iraqis Plan To Go To The Polls To Elect A Permanent Council Of Representatives, Who Will Serve Four-Year Terms." (House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter, "Progress In Iraq Update," Press Release, 12/5/05)
"More Than 300 Parties And Coalitions Are Registered For The December Elections." (Department Of Defense, "Victory In Iraq Update," Press Release, 12/6/05)
"[Iraqis Are] Showing Increasing Sophistication About The Electoral Process, According To Campaign Specialists, Party Officials And Candidates [In Iraq]." (Jonathan Finer, "In Iraq, Signs Of Political Evolution," The Washington Post, 12/8/05)

"Evidence Of Political Evolution Is Plastered All Over Baghdad's Normally Drab Concrete Blast Walls And Hung On Lampposts At Nearly Every Major Intersection ... Television And Radio Airwaves Are Replete With Slick Advertisements ..." (Jonathan Finer, "In Iraq, Signs Of Political Evolution," The Washington Post, 12/8/05)

What we have here is the DNC The White Flag syndrone. The extreme left wing has hijacked the Democratic Party. John "Jack" Murtha's and his supporters ranting about "over-the-horizon soldiering" appears to be asinine for this type of war. Too much is at stake at this time. The Iraqis require our support and backup on the ground.

In September, General Myers had made some very good observations about the Caliphate plans of our adversaries. Of course MSM does not dare to mention the word Caliphate. Those of you who are interested can go to the Intelwire Caliphate Report and read it.

Visit what the Republicans are saying about the Dems, Retreat and Defeat or go to the direct connection at the GOP WebSite .

Don Surber of DonSurber Blogspot said this about the Republican video, Retreat and Defeat: "The video is excellent, using the very soundbites that Dr. Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry the Silver Star winner are so proud of. Especially eerie is Kerry's claim that our soldiers are terrorizing Iraqi children in the middle of the night. It is reminiscent of his Vietnam rhetoric -- which the Swift Boat Veterans proved to be a naked lie. Americans may not be happy about this war but they learned one thing from Vietnam: Retreat and Defeat Is Not An Option."

Come on America, wake up and feel the winds of change that are blowing over the Middle East and Iraq. Feel proud of our accomplishments in Iraq. And, for you Doubting Thomas' answer me this, "Are the people of Iraq better off without Saddam and his sons being in charge?" Ask the real Iraqi people how they feel about liberation and a chance to vote for a free Iraq?

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Question Of The Day

Question baby and murder

The question of the day is very simple. Take a look at the picture and ask yourself the question. The answer is one of the many things wrong with liberalism.

Why do the liberals not fight as hard to keep the innocent alive as they do for the people who murder?

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International News 12/14/2005

Raytheon Standard Missile-3 Intercepts Challenging Ballistic Missile Target 11/17/2005
Kauai, HA - A Raytheon Company-produced Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) destroyed a ballistic missile target outside the earth's atmosphere during a Missile Defense Agency / Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Program flight test over the Pacific Ocean. It was the sixth successful intercept for the Aegis BMD program using the SM-3.
Spy case patterns the Chinese style of espionage.
By Peter Grier Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
WASHINGTON – One of the shredded documents the FBI says it recovered from Chi Mak's trash seemed to be a set of instructions. Machine printed, in Chinese, it urged Mr. Mak - an engineer for a California defense firm and a naturalized US citizen - to attend more seminars on special subject matters. It went on to list technologies of interest to its unnamed author, including torpedoes, aircraft-carrier electronics, and a "space-launched magnetic levitational platform."
Catholic Church Destroyed by Force in Xian City, 16 Nuns Wounded, China Aid Dec 01, 2005
China Aid learned that on November 22, a Catholic church was bulldozed in Xi'an city, Shanxi Province. Sixteen nuns were wounded and hospitalized.
Obscure al-Qaida Chemist Worries Experts
By Charles J. Hanley, AP Special Correspondent, Sat Dec 3, 5:25 PM ET
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt - He's a mystery in a red beard, with a strange alias and a degree in chemical engineering. In the hands of this alleged al-Qaida operative, it's a specialty that summons visions of poison gas and mass terror.
Iran buying, developing missile defence system: official, Sun. Dec 4, 2:20 AM ET
TEHRAN (AFP) - Iran, under pressure over its disputed nuclear programme, has been developing a missile defence system and has bought such technology from Russia, the Islamic republic's top national security official told AFP.
Russia battles U.S. democracy efforts. By Joel Brinkley The New York Times, Sun., Dec. 4, 2005
WASHINGTON Groups paid by the United States to promote democracy in Central Asia are under sustained assault, not only from those governments, but also from Russia, which is locked in conflict with Washington for dominance in the region's former Soviet republics.
Russia Agrees to Sell Missiles to Iran, By Henry Meyer, AP, Mon. Dec. 5, 2005, 11:16pm ET
MOSCOW - Russia has struck a deal to sell short-range, surface-to-air missiles to Iran, the defense minister said Monday, confirming reports that have raised concern in the United States and Israel.
How to Tell Democrats from Terrorists, by Dr. Brooks A. Mick
It sure isn’t easy to differentiate Democrats from terrorists these days. 1) Both Democrats and terrorists want American troops out of Iraq. 2) Both Democrats and terrorists hate George W. Bush.
Massacre in China Draws Global Attention, By Zheng Tingwei, The Epoch Times Dec 12, 2005
The forced appropriation of farmers' land by the municipal authorities of Shanwei City, Guangdong Province has incited a mass protest by the residents. The land appropriation was conducted in order to build a power plant. The local authorities suppressed the protest using thousands of armed police who reportedly shot the protesters using submachine guns and tanks. Dozens are believed to have died. This latest attack on its own people by the Chinese government reminds the West of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre and has drawn serious attention globally.
Venezuela jails opposition leader
A Venezuelan court has sentenced one of the most prominent leaders of the opposition to 15 years in prison. <...> Carlos Ortega, who once led powerful trade unions, was found guilty of inciting civil unrest during a strike that began in late 2002.
The Iranian military conducted a successful test of a Silkworm anti-ship missile Dec. 12 as part of military exercises that began on Dec. 9 in the Gulf of Oman and Arabian Sea. Iranian state television reported that the test of the Chinese-built Silkworm, with a range of 68 miles, was a central part in the maneuvers, which are the largest to date carried out by Iran's military.
Academia's dirty little secret is that intimidation of students over political, social, and religious views is common, and has been common for decades.