Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Results from the Iraqi Elections

Mohammed from Iraq the Model has brought us this breaking news.
The election commission announced the results of voting that took place in military bases and 15 countries outside Iraq. The four major lists scored the following numbers:
Kurdish alliance: 176,361 (36.56%)

United Iraqi Alliance: 146,191 (30.28%)

Iraqi list (Allawi): 53,576 (10.11%)

Iraqi Accord Front: 23,409 (4.85%)
Due to much speculation by the 'pundits' here in America, I highly recommend you read this article from someone who lives in Baghdad. He has written a very thoughtful and well organized article about the situation on the ground.

He goes into details I would fail to grasp, because this is his country and his neighborhood. There is good news, tentatively, along with some gruesome facts about certain things that happen when creating a democracy from scratch. (They remind me of the Democrat Party!) It is a very educational read.

Update: Omar has written more on today's news in Iraq. It is astonishing how well this is being covered in Iraq by 2 brothers and yet, not a peep of good news back here at home. No wonder our men and women in uniform do not understand why no one has a clue as to the good things happening in Iraq. All they have to do is start reading blogs!

You can do this, and you will know more than any 'pundit' does! LOL. Have a great day, and remember to say a prayer for our troops, the coalition, and the Iraqis.


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