Friday, December 23, 2005

How The Substitute Stole Christmas

A substitute school teacher named Theresa Farrisi caused emotional trauma to a bunch of school children by proclaiming that Santa Claus does not exist. The teacher had a simple assignment. She was supposed to read the poem "A Visit From Saint Nicholas" by Clement C. Moore. That seems like a simple enough task yet this dunderhead did not get it right. She does not believe that parents should tell their children that there is a Santa Claus so she interjected her opinion while reading the poem.

She told the children that Claus did not exist. She went so far as to tell them of Nickolas of Myrna who died in 343 A.D. upon whom the myth of Santa Claus was based. Some of the children took that to mean that Santa Claus was dead. This ignorant teacher is not paid by the school system to interject her personal beliefs in her assigned duties. She had a simple assignment, to read a poem. This is a terrible breach of trust and the teacher should be fired.

Now, there will be some who want to know what harm was caused because she told the truth as she sees it and after all, the children will learn the truth someday. Well they will learn about sex someday but only when the time comes. The harm here is that she ruined Christmas for many children because she decided what was best for the children in opposition to the parent's wishes. Anyone who believes that this was appropriate should ask how they would feel if the teacher believed in racism and they asked her to read Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech and she interjected her views into that. I imagine we would have a whole different uproar and she would be fired on the spot.

This is what has become of the school system. Children are exposed to the personal beliefs of teachers. Teachers should concern themselves with curriculum and nothing more than teaching that curriculum. If this particular teacher had a problem reading the poem she should have informed the principal and allowed that person to handle it. By taking matters into her own hands she ruined the holiday for many.

Read it here.

A little tribute from the Dog

You're A Mean One Substitute
You really are so cruel
You're as thoughtful as a moonbat
As delightful as a fool

You're a bad influence
From a shallow gene pool

You're a monster, substitute
You're head's an empty hole
Your brain is non-existent
You've got meanness as a goal

I'd like to beat you with a
Thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.

Feel free to add as many lines as you would like!

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