Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pornography - Quitting the habit

Courtesy of Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 11/22/2008 4:10:00 AM

13 ways to ruin your lifeThe damage from pornography addiction runs deep, but one author has found freedom through Christ.

Author and speaker Jarrod Jones has written a book called 13 Ways to Ruin Your Life. In his travels, he has been amazed at the number of Christians who admit to having a problem with pornography.

"Messages have bombarded them, as well the temptations of sexual sin have come upon them so powerfully," he notes. "Through the testimonies they share with me, I have been shocked at how many have felt the openness to share with me their struggle with pornography -- I'm talking from ministers to married men, businessmen, men in ministry, young men."
Jarrod Jones
Jones personally struggled through the damaging effects of pornography addiction and the subsequent loss of a relationship. He calls the Bible a starting place and the central focus of recovery. "Proverbs 7, which deals with watching a young man falling into sexual sin and what it's going to cost him, and it's going to ruin his life," he explains.

13 Ways is not a tell-all book, but Jones uses his personal experiences to illustrate how Christ can change a person. "With those battles in my life and those experiences, I discovered that...Jesus began changing [those desires] because of his Spirit within me," he adds. "My desires were to be more about him, and with my mind, with my eyes, with my ears, with my body, and to pursue him in that way."

Pornography, according to Jones, is no easy addiction to shake, but he says Christ can break the chains of sin. His book can be purchased at, or it can be downloaded for free.

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