Thursday, December 15, 2005

School Does Wrong, Wants Kid Expelled

An East High (Wichita) school kid might be expelled from school because the school violated his privacy. The student went to the restroom and he noticed a spy camera in the ceiling. He said he figured that some perverted janitor put it there and he took it. It turns out the camera belonged to the school! School officials placed it there to catch students who were drawing graffiti on restroom walls.

Now, the school wants the kid expelled because he took school property and that is against the rules. Problem is, no one is expelling the administrators who put the camera in the bathroom. That was against the rules and they never notified the school board. They admit the camera was placed there earlier in the year so countless students have had their privacy violated.

There does not seem to be a great uproar about this. Can you imagine what kind of uproar there would have been if this camera had been placed in the girls restroom? Everybody and their brother would have come unhinged at the perversion of it all. How dare they violate those poor little girls. When it is the boys room no one cares and they expel the kid who took the camera.

I think this kid should sue the school for violating his privacy. He should tell them how it has scarred him for life. Hell, he might never have to work. Should he have taken the camera? Who knows, since it did not belong there it was open game. We can see from the response that the school would have done nothing had he reported it.

The school said it was a mistake and it won't happen again. That is supposed to make it all better. They admitted the mistake, said it won't happen again and they expect that to be accepted, now move on. Here is an idea. Why don't they give the kid the same option. He can say he should not have taken it and it won't happen again. He should not have to wait for a hearing. They should take care of this as quickly as possible so the lad can get back to class. Schools are supposed to teach so how about doing so by example?

Read it here.

You can email the Principal .

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