Monday, November 01, 2004

Vote-11/2/2004 (That's a Tuesday.)

It has always been difficult for voters in California to choose judges, because they do not run for office. You have no idea for whom you vote, and they keep rising the ladder of success until we end up with a 9th Circuit Court which, upon being challenged by the United States Supreme Court, is overruled more than any other jurisdiction. It is shameful.

Since other newspapers have decided to not only endorese a candidate, but to keep anything of importance about that candidate from the public, I have decided to join the fray.

This paper endorses President George W. Bush to continue as Commander-in-Chief while this war continues. We have decided that the issues we disagree with him about do not raise to the level of a strong, determined, calm person at the helm. We also took into consideration his team. Sen. Kerry's team seems to be Mr. Clinton's old team. As we look back, for 8 years-how many times were we even aware there was an al Qaeda? It is imperative to bring light to danger for people to understand that there is a threat. We are not willing to take that chance again. Not with our lives.

We also endorse Secretary of State Bill Jones for the United States Senate. Sen. Boxer is not exactly a stalwart on intelligence, no matter how sweet she may be.

Since no one wishes to force judges to disclose their party affiliation, beliefs, or past records, we have been digging for some competent people. LA County Nonpartison Judicial:
Office No. 18: Pat Campbell.
Office No. 29: Lori Jones
Office No. 52: Laura Privera
Office No. 53: David Lopez
Office No. 69: Judy Levey

The propositions are confusing, if you don't know how to read legalese and politicians! We have provided a list for you, to make it easier. There are only 5 yes votes. That would be proposition 1A, 59, 60, 64, and 69.
The no votes go to the rest of them. We cannot afford anymore bonds since we voted for one to bail us out of debt in March 2004. By the way, do you see any improvement in your neighborhood since the $15B bond?


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