Wednesday, November 10, 2004

News from Around the World Nov. 10, 2004

Arab News
Cover Your Face Woman!
Raid Qusti,

"Something odd is going on in the Grand Mosque in Makkah these days. And even though I had heard about this from other people over the years, I am glad that I read something. ..."

Arab News
Events That Make Fallujah a Deadly Cocktail
Amir Taheri, Arab News

"Fallujah was home to large numbers of military families. ..."

"... At least three different groups are fighting in Fallujah.
One consists of the remnants of Saddam’s military. ..."

"...Another group consists of local Salafi militants, backed by some tribal elements..." "...The third group is made up of radical terrorist groups once linked with Al-Qaeda. They are mostly non-Iraqi jihadists from a dozen different Arab countries. ..."

(This is a very good article. He not only reports on the issue, he gives the history and background as to the question, "Why?" I recommend this article.)

INA Today

Mystery sub sparks Japan alert

"Japan's defence chief called for a peaceful resolutionJapan's navy went on alert on Wednesday after an unidentified submarine was spotted inside the country's waters. ..."

"...Japanese officials refused to speculate on the submarine's nationality. But Japan's Kyodo news agency quoted defence officials as saying it was a Chinese nuclear-powered sub. ..."

"...In December 2001, a suspected North Korean spy ship sank off Japan after a shoot-out with Japan's coast guard."

AFP-China backs Iran amid 'difficult' nuclear talks with EU
Sat Nov 6, 5:33 PM ET

"TEHRAN (AFP) - China gave Iran crucial backing in its stand-off with the UN's nuclear watchdog, with Beijing saying it opposed US efforts to have the Islamic republic referred to the United Nations (news - web sites) Security Council. ..."

More news to come...!


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