Thursday, November 04, 2004

Arab News

"Code of Conduct for Candidates Announced by Javid Hassan, Arab News
RIYADH, 4 November 2004 — The Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs has announced that electioneering for the Kingdom’s forthcoming municipal elections should be conducted according to a prescribed mode."

This is certainly amazingly good news. Please read this story.

"First Woman Appointed Hospital Manager by Maha Akeel, Arab News
JEDDAH, 4 November 2004 — Director of Jeddah Health Affairs Dr. Abdullatif Alderees has appointed Dr. Sana Filimban as manager of King Saud Hospital for treating contagious and transmitted diseases. Dr. Sana is the first woman to be a public hospital manager.
Dr. Sana was the coordinator of the National Program for Eradicating AIDS and has long experience in health care and disease control."

This is another great action taking place in the ME. Please pay this site a visit.

"'al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia' Names New Leader by Raid Qusti, Arab News
“Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula” has named Saud ibn Hamoud Al-Otaibi — one of the top terrorists on the 26 most wanted list — as a replacement to Saleh Al-Oufi, the former leader who it claims was killed after receiving gunshot wounds when security forces raided a house in Riyadh last summer."

Who knew? It seems that the Kingdom is being more helpful than we are being told, although there are still some people that they do not control such as Saud ibn Hamoud Al-Otaibi. I hope they catch him. Please read the whole article.


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