Wednesday, November 03, 2004

News from Al Sabah Newspaper, Iraq

al Sabar News
By: Mohammad Abdul Jabbar

Around 1800 of Arab extremists are existed in the city of Falluja according to reports. Certainly this number is awesome. In small city like Falluja, those extremists form force de frappe which is capable to impose hegemony on the city and its population and consequently makes it a subsidiary territory. With the presence of such large number of terrorists who flowed into Iraq in pre and post Saddam's collapse, the search for easy solution for the problem became difficult.Because they didn't come to Iraq for a picnic nor for negotiating with the Iraqi government or national assembly, but they come for carrying out terrorist strategy titled "the occupation paradox" aimed at foiling political process and aborting democratic transformation include hindering the scheduled elections in coming January. With the presence of such large numbers of Arab gunmen, Falluja as a city and population is the grandest hostage. The city and its population have been taken daily as their stronghold in defiance of its good population. And with the presence of such large number, the comparison between military and political solutions is difficult and critical. The political solution requires negotiations, dialogue, and questioning with whom would you interview? Certainly, the dialogue is not allowed with foreign outlaws. If the dialogue realized with Falluja good population, the outcome make it (in)evitable to discharge the foreigners. If the city population deems it difficult to discharge them (extremists) for any reason, it means the dialogue reached blocked road whereas the patience is exhausted as being expressed by Dr. Iyad Allawi. If the patience is exhausted, the matter requires military solution as the only possible solution. And this solution is not preferred by good people but it is the final one. There is a racing between the two solutions and the rest of the time is shorter.


Blogger Mike O said...

Time has run out; Falluja must be resolved in November, if there is to be any kind of election in the SUnni region. And with Bush winning handily, you can count on the fact that *no one* is selling life insurance to adult males in Falluja.

11/03/2004 9:52 PM  

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