Friday, November 05, 2004

Sudan Bulldozes Darfur Refugee Camp

Sudan bulldozes Darfur refugee camp
Mohamed Osman in Khartoum

"SUDANESE security forces bulldozed a refugee camp after forcibly relocating thousands of conflict-weary Darfur villagers, an African Union official said yesterday. ..."

"From the Scotsman this morning, here is more on the story that started Tuesday morning at 3:00 AM with the forceable entry of Army troops into large refugee camps. What is happening can only be described as a continuation of crimes against humanity--the current mass relocation is another move to punish and traumatize refugees."

The UN sits idly by and does nothing. We are not loud enough. We don't matter. Genocide only matters when Americans try to save people, and the extreme left screams, "Genocide!" It is very, very sad. No, it is an outrage. What will it take? Another Rwanda? We already have that. How do we shame these people? Oh yes, I forgot. You need a conscience to feel shame. Are you aware that Sudan is on the Human Rights Board? It is time to kick the UN out of the USA and out of our pockets. I've had it.

I understand this is a news story, but sometimes, I believe news is what is happening. This will be news/opinion story. You can read the news, and you can read my opinion.


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