Friday, November 19, 2004

French Bank Investigated: Oil for Food Program

Bank lapses cited in Iraq oil program by Bill Gertz

This is a systemic problem that has spread as far as Russia, China, France, and even as close as ol' Foggy Bottom. Bill has written a wonderful article that uncovers the French Bank, Banque Nationale de Paris-Paribas, or BNP Paribas for short.

Congress is investing the Oil for Food Program, and Congressmen Hyde (R) and Lantos (D) have introduced a bill to require greater scrutiny, transparency, and accountability. As only Congressman Lantos could put it:

Mr. Lantos, the committee's ranking Democrat, said Russia and France were involved in helping the regime through commercial transactions and political support within the United Nations. He also said the State Department failed to act against illegal activities in the U.N. program.

"I'm stunned at the failure of our own State Department to put a halt to Saddam's larceny," Mr. Lantos said, adding that the committee should "turn our attention as far as Moscow and Paris, and as near as Foggy Bottom."

For more details, click on the title before the author's name.

UPDATE: Sorry about the link. Apparently after a certain amount of time, my computer will take some of my stories and change the link. I will be keeping an eye on this. I am very disappointed, but please bear with me. Thank you.


Blogger timh said...

Got your email, I was out most of afternoon. I read Gertz's column and post accordingly and last, but not least, give you the old hat tip!! Thanks again Rosemary.

Rajun Cajun

11/19/2004 1:08 PM  

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