Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mahabad, Iran and Akbar Ganji consolidated

Mahabad, Kurdistan:
Update: Mahabad Iran
Update: Unrest in Iran
Protests, martial law, and NO NEWS, Iran
Mahabad, Iran in Serious Trouble
Fears for Kurdish Iranians

Akbar Ganji:
Fresh Look Into Iran
News from Iran 7/30/2005
Akbar Ganji as a Dissident
Iran: Behind the Iron Curtain

Iranian News:
News from Iran 8/18/2005
News from Iran 8/22/2005
"SPIEGEL online" Reports: Future of Terrorism.

Korosh has also been keeping a close eye on these topics since he is also Iranian. He is very worried about his home.

Many of these topics never make front page, if they make the pages at all. It would be well advised to stay up to date on the situation in Mahabad, Iran. This is Kurdistan, Iran, for those unfamiliar with the region. If you read the articles, you will understand it's importance. Thank you, and have a nice day.


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