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News from Iran 7/30/2005

I have 8 stories about Iran, Ganji, and what is happening in the Kurdish territory of Iran. I am going to weave all items, with sources, into one article. Many of the stories, however, are not of good cheer, so please prepare yourselves.

Akbar Ganji’s lawyer, Mr. Abdul Fatah Soltani, has had his home ransacked by the hard-liners of the Iranian judiciary. The importance of this is that it is very unusual for officials to raid the homes of prominent lawyers in Iran. His whereabouts are unknown at this time, according to his colleague, Mohammad Saifzadeh.

Human Rights Activists want to remind the world that there are others that are suffering. They are imploring us not to forget them.
"Those who have been forgotten in various prisons including Evin, Rejaee Shahr and others near and far flung provincial prisons and are doing hard time. Prisons filled with such human strife and suffering have hardly been reported in Tehran Judiciary's recent report.”
There are some that are in solitary confinement, and there are some that wish for this treatment instead of the brutality they suffer from the murderous criminals with whom they share their cells.

Front Page Magazine has finally picked up the stories on Iran. They have written, with the help of translator Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi, some of these articles.

This event occurred took place Thursday, July 28, 2005. Near the eastern border near Afghanistan in the province of Khorveen, people gathered to protest the arresting of other Activists earlier. They demanded their release. In the process, some of the windows in one of Khomnei’s homes were smashed.

In order to counteract political prisoners such as Ganji, the Prison Guards are now putting them in the cells with vicious murderers, rapists, and felons. This way, when they invoke their protests such as a hunger strike, the whole ward loses any and all privileges they may have had.

This provokes the others on the floor to punish the political prisoners. Last month, Akbar Ganji was transferred to a cell in the criminal ward in Evin prison. The jailors had taken the door of the cell off the hinges, leaving Ganji exposed to the threat of an infamous, knife-wielding drug runner who had been brought into the prison, not as a prisoner but as an "employee" of the regime, to terrorize Ganji from the adjacent cell.

Ads are being placed in the paper by Ahmadinejad's spiritual guide, Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Messbaah-Yazdi. Elias Nadran, formed the Zeytoon organization six months ago for women who want to carry out suicide attacks against 'enemies of Islam.' Some of the ads were placed in London sox months ago. You connect the dots.

The trouble in Kurdistan continues. The Guard has now called in people from other “religious” regimes. As the people from the area closed their shops in protest to the murder of a young man, the regime's goon squad, in their usual form, reacted by releasing tear gas and then shooting into the crowd as well as attacking protestors with nightsticks.

7. The Islamic Republic, in response to the stream of continued protests around Iran for freedom and ran into clashes with protestors, has begun installing suicide bombers around the various provinces in Iran.

8. In response to the EU talks, the Commander of the headquarters known as "Lovers of Martyrdom" said in an interview with the regime publication Partow:
"Europeans and Americans have been opining about our nuclear issues and as such acting against the regime and turning international NGO's against us. It might be that we may not even have to use a nuclear bomb against them; for the time being each one of our suicide bombers functions as a single nuclear bomb."
This is the religion of peace? NO! This is a corrupted country who feel their power slipping and will do whatever it takes to hold on to it. Do you be fooled! They are no more religious than a table.

I have not mentioned Ganji's condition yet because he is near death. I am very sad and upset. Please pray for his family and him. Thank you.

Update: Here are some past articles on Ganji. Release Ganji-Iranian Political Prisoner, Pray for Ganji, Akbar Ganji is Near Death, He's Alive!, Akbar Ganji's 3rd Letter, and God bless my writers and readers. I have written another article today, August 9, 2005. Ganji's Home Raided.

There is also more news on Mahabad, Iran. Mahabad, Iran in serious trouble, Outrageous!, Update: Mahabad, Iran, Update: Unrest in Iran, and Protest, Martial Law, and NO NEWS, Iran.

Some other articles from the Middle East: Free Political Prisoners Protest, Bahrainis Protest London Terrorist Attacks, Paying the Price of Freedom, Building Bridges, Free Mojtaba Samineja, I Joined, Won't You?, Iran to Resume Nuclear Weapons Program, Huge Riots in Yemen, Reported by Jane, Yemen Riots Continue, Jane, We are all Egyptians Today, and Petition for a Yemeni Kid, Jane. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the reading.

UPDATE: This was originally written July 30, 2005. I am having problems resetting the date. lol. Thank you for your patience.

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