Sunday, August 07, 2005

News from Iran 8/07/2005

Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, Aug. 03 – Iran’s State Security forces opened lethal fire on protesters in the western town of Saqqez from a military helicopter on Wednesday, eye-witnesses reported.

There has been civil unrest in the Kurdistan cities of Iran since July 9, 2005, when the Security forces killed a young activist. There have been peaceful and not so peaceful protests. The ones that turned violent usually involved the Security forces instigating the turmoil.

Many women were involved with today's protests, and there were signs that stated, "Down with Khamenei."
Today’s unrest in Saqqez started at Oqab Square just before noon as hundreds of protestors attacked a local Bassij post with sticks and stones. The Bassij are paramilitary Islamic vigilantes loyal to the Supreme Leader.

The latest clashes come in the wake of a series of protests that have swept Kurdish towns and cities in Iran for the past weeks. Dozens of protesters have been injured or arrested by government troops in several towns.
More than 30 were arrested today. There are pleas for the international community to step in and make the Iranian Security Forces follow international laws.
This story has been confirmed by the Guardian and SMCCDI. Western governments need to call for the immediate end of air attacks by Iran's military on its own citizens. The Daily Briefing on Iran.
This should be considered very soon.
More from the Daily Briefing on Iran: Many northwestern cities have been, for the last two weeks, the daily scenes of riots and expression of exasperation against an unpopular regime notorious for Human Rights abuses. Demonstrations leading to scattered clashes have been taking place following the publication of the mutilated body of a killed young activist who was arrested on July 9th.
I hope our whole government isn't on vacation. I know the President keeps up with the news, but what of the others? Call them to let them know you care. Have a nice day.

Update: Crackdown on Kurdish press following clashes in Kurdistan.
Iran seeks Syrian cooperation against U.S. pressure.
Iran not worried about Security Council referral.
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran insisted on Sunday it would resume uranium conversion this week after rejecting EU incentives to end its nuclear fuel work, and said it was not worried about being referred to the U.N. for possible sanctions.

This is a new site that Korosh introduced to me. Iran Press News is the new site. It is a good site. Thank you, Korosh.


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