Friday, July 29, 2005

Scandal at AirAmerica

I just heard about this on Hugh Hewitt's Radio Show with guest speaker Brian Maloney who broke this story on the blogospere. Yes, there were other stories, but no one paid attention to them. Especially not the New York Times.

From what I gather, someone at the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club had given money to Air America Radio. That would fine, if it wasn't tax-payer money and this club is a not-for-profit organization. This money was given to make a profit after a certain amount of time.

As it stands, there is a city investagation because apparently, Al Franken and friends have not provided proof of having paid this money back. Also, the boy's and girls' club closed down for lack of funds. I believe some others in the area managed to save it, but I do not know as of yet if that includes all the programs.

The people who are on top of this are many! Here are a few: Brian Maloney, Michelle Malkin, Wizbang, and Hugh Hewitt.


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