Monday, May 09, 2005

Afghan Tribes Back U.S.A. Partnership

On Sunday, more than 1000 elders and officials, along with hundreds of Afghani tribes met with and backed President Karzai's "strategic partnership" with the USA. This could cement a long term USA presence in Central Asia. For the most part, there is a positive feeling towards America.

When President Karzai meets with President Bush this month, they will talk about military aid as well as economic and political ties. The one thing lacking is a treaty between Afghanistan and the USA.

Right now, we have 17,000 forces bordering Pakistan and Iran. Pretty good place for them to be. They have voiced a desire to have the USA, NATO, and the UN stay until they can get their feet on the ground, maybe even longer. That is why a treaty would be necessary.

The Afghni Army is expected to have 70,000 by September 2006. Some in Afghanistan disagree that this is enough troops to defend their country. Ludin said many of the delegates express more concern on economic development than military might. They are truly interested in becoming a part of the world community, but they want a promise from the USA to help them in all sectors to make this possible.


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