Thursday, February 10, 2005

World News Wednesday, 2/9/2005

Car Bombing in Madrid Injures Dozens By ED McCULLOUGH,
Associated Press Writer
Sudan: Courts Should Handle Darfur Abuses By EDITH M. LEDERER
Council members have been informally discussing elements for a new resolution on the way forward in Sudan which is expected to include Annan's request for a peacekeeping mission [10,000]. But members are divided on extending a U.N. arms embargo to the Sudanese government in Darfur, imposing an asset freeze and travel ban, and on punishing those responsible for human rights abuses.
U.S. Suspends Kenyan Anti-Corruption Funds By TOM MALITI
The United States has suspended $2.5 million in funding for anti-corruption work in Kenya...
U.N. Weather Agency Says Former Staffer Investigated Over Embezzlement Allegations The Associated Press
GENEVA (AP) - The World Meteorological Organization said Tuesday that a former employee is under investigation for allegedly embezzling funds belonging to the organization.

Carine Richard-van Maele, a spokeswoman for the U.N. weather agency, declined to identify the individual involved or give details." As soon as we receive the results of the investigation we will inform the media," Richard-van Maele said.

WMO documents obtained by The Associated Press said the Geneva-based agency launched an internal inquiry in July 2003, focusing on alleged mishandling and processing of checks and bank transfers. The documents did not identify the individual involved or list the sum allegedly siphoned from WMO's budget."

The suspect was suspended from his functions to avoid interference in the investigation process," the documents said.

Three months later, WMO's management fired the staffer and handed the investigation over to Swiss authorities. The agency also sent a letter to its 187 member governments detailing the case, according to the documents, but did not reveal the suspect's name.

Michel Jarraud, who took over as WMO secretary-general on Jan. 1, 2004, started a two-year program to shake up the agency shortly after coming into office. The reform plan includes improving accountability and transparency in the handling of WMO's budget, according to the documents.
I could not get the link to work, and I believe this is going to be an important issue. Where did the money go? Why? Did someone slant the outcome of scientific experiments? To what extent? Was it to rip off the USA? Hmm.


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