Friday, February 04, 2005

Senate Judiciary passes tort reform

Senate committee passes tort reform bill
By Charles Hurt

The bill aimed at curbing class-action lawsuit abuse, which Democrats filibustered last year, was passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday with bipartisan support.
After the panel' to s the by have is for Democrats.

The bill would divert many of the largest class-action lawsuits out of state courts and into the federal court system.

Such a move, supporters say, would prevent lawyers from shopping their cases around in search of judges and juries who are friendly to plaintiffs and who have a reputation for providing huge damage awards.

What a wonderful thing. It does bother me that they will be taking the cases out of State Courts and into Federal Courts. What's up with State's Rights? Yet I understand the need for lawyers to "shop" for a friendly judge and jury so they can receive large settlements that grant the lawyers millions of dollars and the injured people pennies.
There is an expectation of 62 votes in favor of this bill, so there will be no fillibuster. Not they ever really one anyway, but don't get me going on that! Hehehe. Have a great day.


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