Thursday, January 06, 2005

Iraq: Environmental Concerns

Minister of Environment, Mrs. Mishkaat al-Momon, is quite concerned about Iraq's environmental future. She is concerned that the $7M (*1) will not be enough to assure the longevity of 400 different species of birds facing extinction, the garbage will be handled and stored in a way as to not harm the Iraqi people, and that treatment for oil tankers will be available to prevent contamination of the drinking water and sea water. This is just as important to the health and security of the Iraqi people and the wildlife in the ocean, in Minister Momen's opinion.

al Sabah has covered this story this week under the title, AL MOMEN JUSTIFIES DISMISSING ENVIRONMENT SENIOR UNDER SECRETARY & RESIGNING GENERAL INSPECTOR. (It may be important to know the complete, accurate title for future archive requests.)

She claims the reason for letting the Senior Secretary go is the same reason she accepted the resignation of the General Inspector: there just wasn't enough money. She believes that the environment of Iraq is as important as the national security in that a healthier environment can help produce a healthier nation. Have a great day, and Happy New Year!

*1. The Ministry of Environment receives a budget of $7 million dollars annually from the general assembly.


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