Thursday, August 18, 2005

News from Iran 8/18/2005

Oil embargo best response to nuclear boycott. The 'Tehran Times' suggested in its editorial that the world oil-rich states should form a united front in order to confront "Western neocolonialist countries." Criticizing the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) resolution against Iran, the paper said that it was ratified "to meet the objectives of the Zionist regime and the United States."
Review of an assassination. [They are] accusing the supporters of imprisoned journalist Akbar Ganji in the assassination.
Iran arrests agents with British links. Iran claimed today that it had arrested anti-government separatists with links to British intelligence services, accusing them of involvement in violent protests and a recent spate of deadly bombings.
Two Iranian Dissidents Abducted in Capitol. U.S. officials said yesterday that two members of an Iranian dissident group living under American protection in Iraq have been kidnapped, and organization members said they fear the men will be turned over to Tehran for execution.
Israel Intelligence Chief: Iran to Acquire Nuke Warheads in 3 years. Iran's nuclear capabilities are at a much more advanced stages than the United States estimates, IDF Intelligence Chief Aharon Ze'evi-Farkash told the Knesset's Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee.
Islamists burn French flag outside Tehran Embassy. "England, France, two Satans, two Lucifers," chanted the demonstrators, as security agents tried in vain to stop the flag burning. <...> "Death to France, death to England, death to Germany," they cried.
Iranian President Coming to America. by Hamid Namvar - 8/18/2005
According to media reports indicate that the United States is considering an entry visa to Iran's new president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to attend a UN meeting in New York City in mid-September. This would send a very wrong signal at a very crucial juncture to the increasingly belligerent Iran. Administration must firmly deny Ahmadinejad entry to the United States. And by all indications, the American public opinion would certainly welcome such a move.
Danger in ignoring Iran's dare Iran unilaterally made the important plant fully operational. As an added touch of bravado, the Iranians waited until UN surveillance cameras were in place and running so that everyone could witness their cheek.
The San Francisco Chronicle reported that hundreds of demonstrators called for the release of student leaders held since 1999 by the Iranian government during a rally Sunday at the Federal Building in West Los Angeles.


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