Saturday, August 13, 2005

NFL Pre-Season Games to Start-Scores from Friday

I was watching the Chicago Bears v. St. Louis Rams. The Bears had a chance to win. I swear, everytime I watch them play, they lose. I am not going to watch them this season! They lost to the Rams 13-17. I'm only in trouble if they make it to the Super Bowl!

In other news, there were 5 other teams that played last night. New England Patriots-23 v. Cincinnati Bengals-13, Tampa Bay Buccaneers-20 v. Tennessee Titans-17, Seattle Seahawks-34 v. New Orleans Saints-15, Kansas City Chiefs-16 v. Minnesota Vikings-27, and Detroit Lions-3 v. NY Jets-10.

There was a game Thursday played by San Diego Chargers-7 v. Green Bay Packers-10. (Good job, Green Bay! Sorry San Diego. Maybe during regular season?!)

The use of a different color will help us to know which team is the away team. It is unusual for so many away teams to win, but hey! This is pre-season. lol.

For today, Saturday, August 13, 2005, here is a schedule of the teams.

At 7:30pm, we have Baltimore Ravens-3 v. Atlanta Falcons-16 and Miami Dolphins-17 v. Jacksonville Jaguars-12.

At 8pm, we have 4 teams. Washington Redskins-10 v. Carolina Panthers-28, NY Giants-14 v. Cleveland Browns-17, Denver Broncos-10 v. Houston Texans-14, and Buffalo Bills-17 v. Indianapolis Colts-10.

At 10pm we have the Dallas Cowboys-11 v. Arizona Cardinals-13 and the Oakland Raiders-13 v. San Francisco 49er's-21.

On Monday, August 15, we will be treated to Philidelphia Eagles-31 v. Pittsburgh Steelers-38, if they can get their acts together.

For the people on the southern-west coast, the Washington Redskins v. Carolina Panthers will be live on Channel KTLA at 5pm. Starting at 7pm on KCBS we have the Raiders and the 49er's live. I hope it is a good game between these two old rivals.

The scores for the other teams will be in another article, also, so you do not have to look all over the place. You may, however, if you wish. We have a lady who has her eyes and ears on the ground in Yemen, and a young Iranian man who has passion for freedom for his homeland as well as America. Then there is me. lol.

NOTE: These times are EST for the schedule. The games playing today are given the accurate time. Don't forget to tune in.

The NFL Official Website is You will find the scores here. I will not begin to pick the winners until the season starts. I am very upset about the decision to trade Monday Night Live to Desparate Housewives.

I am not one, nor do I watch that stupid show. Well, then again, I don't watch most anything except football. Now they've taken that. I may just throw the rest of them away...nah. lol.


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