Friday, August 12, 2005

NFL Pre-Season Games to Start

The NFL pre-season started already, but it caught me off guard. While I missed the Hall of Fame game, I do have the scores for you. It appears we had two very close games between Indianapolis Colts v. Atlanta Falcons and the Chicago Bears v. Miami Dolphins, old rivals, indeed.

Atlanta won 27-21. It appears they were pretty hot in the second quarter. They scored 20 points, while the Colts scored a touchdown each quarter except the third. It may have been a boring game, but one never knows unless you get watch it!

The Bears rocked the Dolphins again, or maybe it's about time. The Bears have been a let down during regular seasons. The score was 27-24. Miami is still in the running, however. Keep your eyes on them.

The games that are playing tonight (and the scores at this time) are: Detroit Lions-3 v. NY Jets-10, final. The New England Patriots-16 v. Cincinnati Bengals-13 with 3:26 minutes left to play. It is the 4th quarter (for those who didn't catch that.)

We have 4 games playing in the 3rd quarter. Starting with Tampa Bay-14 v. Tennessee-14, with 3:39 minutes left in this quarter. Seattle Seahawks is whipping New Orlean's Saints all over the field. The devastating score is 27-10 with 3:43 seconds left in this quarter. (New Orleans scored to make it 10, good job.) Kansas City Chiefs-6 v. Minnesota-20.

I will finish this article when I have the scores the scores. I just found a game that is on! See ya!


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