Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Alert: California Voters

A judge has ruled today that Proposition 77 should be back on the ballot for this special election, and so it is. This proposition will take the decision making of determining districts out of the hands of those whom the benefit is greatest. It would be placed in the hands of retired judges, who apparently answer to no one.

Opinion: Should we change from what we know to something we have much doubt? At least Assemblypersons and Senators can be voted out of offices or recalled. I am not quite convinced. I do consider the process we have now broken, but I blame that more on us than I do them! Why do we keep putting in the same losers, only to complain again? We are doing it to ourselves.

Is there a solution? Yes. The lines that are drawn as cities and towns, ie Long Beach, Hollywood, etc., should be the district! Wow! That took a lot of thought, time, money, and wasted nonsense to resolve! lol.

Source: KRLA News.


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