Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Possible Palestinian-al Qaeda Ties

Global Terror Alert has interpreted an allegiance letter, presumably to Osama bin Ladin. This is a group that has not been known before, yet that does mean they did not just splinter from another group.

This "Al-Qaida-Palestine Frontier Jihad Brigades" claims responsibility for one rocket attack on Israel. They are hoping for an alliance with OBL.

They are awaiting orders from him. If he orders them to go to the USA, then you will begin to see suicide bombers here. Hopefully, this is a group that just wishes to make a name for itself. Unfortunately, there are many whom already have chosen to follow these such orders.

Remain alert as you live your lives. Continue to defy the enemy. Many are working on our defense. If everyone does their part, we will get through this together. God bless America and you.


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