Monday, August 22, 2005

Ambassador Bolton's Success

As the Israelis were leaving the Gaza Strip, the Hamas and other terrorist groups were touting banners that said, "Today Gaza, Tomorrow Jerusalem!"

Mr. Bolton inquired why the UN funded this anti-semetic operation of supplying, financially and ethically, the banners with the UN seal on the them? After discussions, the UN seal was removed from the banners.

Yes, this is a victory. At the same time, the damage has already been done. There is sure to be more bloodshed due to the cold hearts of Hamas and the other terrorist groups.

Why should they not believe it is okay to continue acting in this manner? After all, the UN has been suporting them. Thankfully, this is over. It is time for the terrorists and the UN to understand the USA is serious about this war. They have to either put on a uniform or stop.

There shall be no peace, however, because terrorists are usually cowards. They hide behind women, and they send others to die. Do they die themselves? Why not? Has any suicide-bomber ever stopped to ask this, or are they too brain-washed? Either way, now that John Bolton is in the UN--the game is over. That is a success that all peace-loving people should cheer.



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