Saturday, August 20, 2005

Some Facts about Atheism is an organization which received it's start in the year 1963.

Our movement grew out of the historic MURRAY v. CURLETT (1963) U.S. Supreme Court case filed by an Atheist, Madalyn Murray, which removed coercive, unison prayer and Bible verse recitation from the public schools.
This organization is trying to remove any religious organizations from the government, such as Faith-based initiatives. Also, they do not want their tax dollars going to fund any religious groups. They also choose to add "freedom from religion" as another right, although this is not in the First Amendment. That is why the 1963 case was so important.

It must be remembered the debate for "ideas" is a welcome one in America, and people who are religious should never fear a good debate. After all, you must be able to defend what you believe and why in order to be a good Christian, Jew, Muslim, or whatever you may be.

Atheism from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has many links to explain this concept. It is, as it says, an encyclopedia. It states the history, the growth, the decline, and then the growth again during the age of enlightenment.

Atheism, as it is defined in this site, is the best one I have come across. Please keep in mind I am a Christian, so I have been searching far and wide for a simple explanation. (Third paragraph:)
It is important, however, to note the difference between the strong and weak atheist positions. "Weak atheism" is simple scepticism; disbelief in the existence of God. "Strong atheism" is an explicitly held belief that God does not exist. Please do not fall into the trap of assuming that all atheists are "strong atheists". There is a qualitative difference in the "strong" and "weak" positions; it's not just a matter of degree.
You may wish to visit these sites yourself, if you are interested in this topic. There is much information out there.

My only contention is that you be careful. Some of these sites are good, but others are filled with the same bigotry they accuse in others. I tried to stay clear of those, because I do not want to interfere with your decisions. Have a wonderful day, and God bless you. lol. I had to throw that in there. Ease up.


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