Thursday, August 18, 2005

NFL Pre-Season: Week 2

We are now at week 2 for the preseason games. Can you believe it snuck up on me again? Geez. I will have the schedule and times for you, and I will fill them in as we go along. All the game scores can be found here, and choose preseason week 2. (Red=win, blue=losers, lol. Okay, blue=loss.)

Let us start with today! Thursday, August 18, 2005. The
New Orleans Saints-37 are playing the New England Patriots-27. Good job, Saints. Tomorrow, we have three games.

The Tennessee Titans-24 v. Atlanta Falcons-21 at 7:30pm.
At 8pm, we have the Cincinatti Bengals-24 v. Washington Redskins-17 and the
Minnesota Vikings-21 v. NY Jets-28.

On Saturday, we have 10 games! I hope they put some on regular TV. I'm not wasting my money on cable. We have the Cleveland Browns-21 v. Detroit Lions-13 at 1pm.

At 6pm, we have Green Bay Packers-7 v. Buffalo Bills-27. I hate when these two play. I love them both. Being from NY, I go with the Bills. Sometimes, however, I have been disappointed in recent years. I sure wish I could see them play more.

At 7:30pm we have two games.
Jacksonville Jaguars-20 v. Tampa Bay Bucs-17, and
Miami Dolphins-3 v. Pittsburgh Steelers-17. Now it's time to move on to the 8pm four.

We have Chicago Bears-24 v. Indianapolis Colts-17,
Carolina Panthers -21 v. NY Giants-27,
Philadelphia Eagles-20 v. Baltimore Ravens-14, and the
Oakland Raiders-17 v. Houston Texans-19.

Now we have the Arizona Cardinals-24 v. Kansis City Chiefs-17 at 7:30pm, and the San Francisco 49ers-21 v. Denver Broncos-26 at 9pm.

On Sunday we have one game, as well as on Monday we have only one game. Sunday we can see St. Louis Rams-21 v. San Diego-36 at 4pm, and on Sunday,
we get to watch Dallas Cowboys-18 v. Seattle Seahawks-10.

Sounds like a pretty good line-up to me. I just wish I could watch them all. lol. If someone watches a game on ESPN, would you please contact me with some information about the game? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.


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