Saturday, October 15, 2005

Iraqi Elections 10/15/2005

Iraqi polls have just closed. Slight firefight, but only 3 Iraqi Soldiers dead, 4 (?) injured. Voting continued. The news is outrageous here.

If it goes well in Iraq, that doesn't mean anything to these people. They seem to be consumed with how it will make President Bush look good.

Excuse me, but isn't it the Iraqi people who deserve a big round of appause? Can you stop your bashing for a moment, and comprehend what you have the PRIVILIGE to witness?!

Omar has much good news. I recommend you go to their site, instead of listening to the news here. It is very uplifting! I am so happy for all the Iraqis who desire their freedom, and all our men and women who helped them to achive it! Thank you.

This is a picture of the ballots being counted!

Update: Omar has the turnout levels recorded in all 18 provinces. This is the latest according to the electoral commission press conference. (Alphabetizing done by me.)
High= more than 66%
Moderate= 33% - 66%
Low= less than 33%
Duhok: moderate.
Erbil: moderate.
Sulaymania: high.
Mosul: high.
Kirkuk: high.
Diyala: high.
Anbar: unknown.
Baghdad: high.
Babil: high.
Kerbala: high.
Wasit: moderate.
Salahiddin: high.
Al-Muthana: moderate.
Al-Qadisiya: low.
Najaf: high.
Thi Qar: moderate.
Maysan: moderate.
Basra: moderate.
Great job! I pray it is the right turnout for everyone. You have made all of us proud. Thank you.

There is much celebration going on here! This is the first time they feel as if it is the first time they have the opportunity to vote for the type of government they want. What an awesome experience! What an historic time in history. The gunshots are of joy, the loud talking is shouts of cheers, and there is an air of freedom running freely as the votes are being counted. Great job, everyone.

The final results of the vote should be ready withing 3-4 days. Stay tuned!

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