Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fireball at Tex-Arkansas

It occured only moments ago. Details are rough. 100,000 homes have been evacuted. A train apparently ran into a gas/chemical (?) tanker. My question is, "What was the tanker doing on the tracks?"! I suppose this was not a terrorist attack. That is what we will be told. They are saying the fumes are poisonous. Stay tuned.

Now to Pakistan. The death toll is now 38,000. The number of injured is 62,000. It is now snowing and raining. It is making it harder for the aid to get to the people. However, our helicopters are doing the job. Good job, guys!

Update: Two trains were pulling into the station (where trains go to rest), when one train hit the other. In return, it caused the other train to crash into 2 other empty trains. One of those trains ran into the propane tanker. Mystery solved. (If you beleive this!) Other buildings in the nearby area are also on fire now. More to come.


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