Friday, October 14, 2005

Media Bias: Is there any such thing as fair and balanced reporting?

Study: TV Minimizes Iraqi Progress, Pushes Bad News Agenda

While reviewing this mornings news, I came across a well written article by Rich Noyes @ News Busters, October 14, 2005. Mr. Noyes is currently Research Director at the Media Research Center, where he is co-editor of the weekly Media Reality Check and Notable Quotables.

Mr. Noyes pointed out, as did Brent Baker, that MSM appears "were far more excited about the supposed scandal of the administration..." On the other hand, MSM has built a reputation of spining its own tales to promote its own agenda. We can all name a few mismanaged stories. MSM could not even get the snafu in New Orleans right. So much for fair and balanced reporting, heh.

We have to analyze how MSM covers the war in Iraq. Mr. Noyes indicated in his article that "If the Iraq war is “increasingly unpopular” — and polls suggest it is — one reason may be because the broadcast networks have heavily skewed their news agenda toward the bad news coming out of Iraq: car bombings, U.S. casualties, terrorist attacks, squabbling among Iraqi politicians, etc., etc." To get a better perspective on MSM bias and their slanted coverage of the war in Iraq, Mr. Noyes' article will enlighten you.

Link to Rich Noyes' article at Newsbusters


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