Monday, December 18, 2006

Sunday's America's Victory '08 is available: 12/18/06

Today's America's Victory '08 is available for reading. Here are there titles:
Here are the hot posts of the day!

Senators are Undermining War on Terror by Matt A from The ACT Blog.

Purpose of UN: Dead on Arrival by Rosemary from Knickerbocker News.

Mitt for President (NOT!!!) by Steven J Kelso Sr. from Made 4 The Internet.

Bush and Assad ‘get into it’ by Rosemary from Knickerbocker News.

As always, the writers welcome your comments!

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I really enjoyed reading my coworkers' articles. There is much talent here. I hope you stop by and read them.

Mine are listed under my cyber newspaper's name, Knickerbocker News. Just so you know. This way when I speak of my co-workers, you will know I am not including myself. Although...mine are quite good as well! lol. Have a great day.


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