Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Real Solution to the Middle East

There have been several attempts to persuade Israel to ‘make peace’ with her neighbors, while the rest of the Middle East is about to go nuclear. This is the wrong approach.

In the ME, they do not respect peace. Not yet, anyway. If one is to plan to ‘help’ a foreign region, they should at least understand said region.

Most dictators (and a majority of the people of the ME) have lived for a very long period of time under the rule of strength over sense. Common or otherwise. Americans cannot imagine this, even though it was indeed a part of our own history.

America needs to stop all dialogue with Iran and Syria. We need to send a strong message to all nations in the region that any of its citizens caught hurting or murdering an Iraqi or American can expect to be brought into the war.

First, bomb that dictator’s home, then bomb the places of known terrorists (which we should be doing anyway). Until they surrender, we do not stop. Total victory should be our only goal, and untie the hands of our Military.

This is a real war, no matter what Pelosi may think. We must fight to win. If not, do not send our men and women to die for your half-measures.

Most countries will not take this seriously because up until now, we have done nothing when they cross the line. This has to stop. The first country that dares to cross that line, the line does not move. It is not flexible. The bombs start flying.

Congress has to understand that it is their responsible to declare war against countries who openly attacks the USA. This would make Congress just as responsible for any decisions made today AND tomorrow.

There have been enough discussions, diplomacy, study groups and going to that wasteland of dictators known as the UN. (That is a different issue, but one to be brought up at a later date.)

Either you are with us or against us. The line was drawn on September 20, 2001, and it has been moved in the name of cooperation. It needs to be put back in its rightful place.

We are obligated to only the USA. Someone should read the Constitution again. Does it say, “Congress is responsible for giving everyone social programs” or does it say, “Congress is responsible for the common national defense of this country”? (…general Welfare does not include a welfare state. If it did, there would have been one.)

Stop talking about it. Decide. Do it. There is nothing left to say to people who laugh at you everytime you try to ‘make peace’ with them. They would much rather kill you. Much worse, they would much rather kill me. So do your correct job now.

Originally written for America's Victory '08.


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