Sunday, November 26, 2006

Maine Teens Apprehend for Wal-Mart Bombing

Courtesy of one of the Hannity Forum members who brought the late breaking information to my attention.

Seems like the police in Skowhegan, Maine, had a break in the case. CBS Channel 4 News, Boston, reported that two teenage boys were arrested late Saturday night and charged with setting off 2 acid bombs at the local Wal-Mart. (2 Acid Bombs Detonated at Wal-Mart)

Because this story is an Associated Press (AP) news feed, you should go to CBS Channel 4 News Boston to read the AP copyrighted story.

The media reported that apparently the teens parents recognized their kids form a news story and contacted the Skowhegan Police Department.

This may bring a whole new topic of conversation to the table. Should the parents have gone to the police? Do we have any control over our children? What on earth would possess to teens to do such a thing? Is it a problem created by a liberal society? Should this be handled as a Juvenile Detention Issue? Should this be called Domestic Terrorism? It this, "Boys will be Boys?"

Apparently the teens had placed other bombs around town. The details are still sketchy and more will be forth coming. It will be interesting when more information becomes available.

I wonder if taking parental authority away from parents, as activists and left leaning courts have done for the past 10 - 15 years could be helping to cause this phenomena that is striking down our children?

For the latest on the teens who were arrested: ME Teens Charged With Setting Off Bombs In Wal-Mart

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