Friday, November 24, 2006

US Citizen Terror Suspect Flees US: Calls FBI to Say He is Gone

According the Seattle Post Intelligencer, a Seattle area Rainier Beach man, who federal agents allege made his barber shop a kind of "anti-American training ground for Muslims" where children were taught "how to shoot and fight the Americans", fled the United States for Somalia.

This man was released from federal custody on plea agreement pre-sentencing release. The man called federal authorities from Somalia to inform them he was not coming in for sentencing. I wish I could have heard how that conversation really went.

Perhaps it went like this

him - "hi, so i decided that i'm just not going to come in to face those terrorism charges"
officer - "...i'm sorry, what?"
him - "yeh. i'm in
officer - "...are you serious?"
him - "yeh. but its ok, because i called." (from a Hannity Forum Member)
him : "by the way, tell the judge, 'thanks for my freedom'."

The judge who released the man ordered that he surrender his United States passport after his release. But, of course the man did not comply with the judge's order and fled. "Alleged" Islamos don't give a damn about American laws.

Folks, we are loosing our grip on freedom from terrorism because of liberal politically correct blunders like this. Michael Savage is correct when he says that we are going to be destroyed from within by liberal wackoism.

After the fact, the U.S. Attorney's Office is apparently going to review the practice of allowing people out of custody before they surrender their passport.

The Dumbass Award goes to the US Attorneys, federal courts, and everyone else involved in this travesty of justice.

Write your congressmen and senators about this folks. Don't let this story get buried on page 26 or the mainstream media. This traitor to our country will join other American-Born Al Qaeda Members, such as, another federal fugitive, Adam Gadahn, who aspires to terrorize America and install an Islamic Caliphate from sea to shining sea.

To read the disturbing newspaper account of this backward justice system, please follow this link to Seattle Post Intelligencer :

Rainier Valley barber shop owner flees U.S. Facing sentencing in plea deal, he phones FBI to say he's in Somalia


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