Wednesday, August 23, 2006

8 Military Personnel to Have Article 32 Hearing

KFMB San Diego, channel 8 is reporting that the Marine Corps has denied four Marines accused of killing an Iraqi civilian in Hamdania, Iraq, the option of going straight to trial even though they apparently waved their article 32 hearing to go to trial. Defense lawyers claimed that perhaps this was a sign that prosecutors don't have a solid case. The generals and administrative weenies will keep the pressure on until those eight lads break, regardless of the truth.

According to Camp Pendleton spokesman Lt. Col. Sean Gibson the move was made "to make a fair and impartial decision on the disposition of these cases."

Lt. Col., save it for the MSM, libs and anti-war groupies.

The seven Marines and one Navy corpsman allegedly went into Hamdania, and among other things took a man from his home, tied him up and shot him without provocation April 26. The men ---- all accused of premeditated murder, kidnapping and related offenses ---- were first detained in late April in Iraq. All were jailed in the Camp Pendleton brig on the same day in May, and all were charged on the same day in June. Soon, 12 men ---- 11 Marines and one sailor ---- were pulled from their units, kept on house arrest in Iraq, then returned to Camp Pendleton two weeks later.

Eight of the men were jailed and charged on June 21 with premeditated murder, a charge which carries the possibility of the death penalty if they are convicted. The other four men, including platoon commander 2nd Lt. Nathan Phan, were restricted to the local base ---- but not jailed.

On of the defense attorneys, Joseph Casas said he views the recent decision by the Marines to bringing charges in the assault case as a pressure tactic to get the men not accused in Awad's death to tell what they know about the alleged slaying.

It sure as hell makes me wonder what is going on with this case.

More from KFMB channel 8>>

More information courtesy of Nationally syndicated talk-show host, Michael Savage:

Demand for immediate trial signals change in Pendleton 8

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Blogger Rosemary said...

I agree. This rots to high heaven. I wonder if we could make enough noise as I did for 2nd Lt. Pantano? You want to give it a try?

What you do is this: You ask for the Press Officer. Then you introduce yourself as "Mr. *** from the Knickerbocker News" or from "DoD Daily News." Whichever you choose.

Then you have a list of question we can put together, such as: What is the name of the complaintant? How many witnesses are there? Are they all Iraqi? Was the area where this allegedly occurred occupied by terrorists at the time? You know the drill.

Do the job as a real reporter. You have it in you. We can come up with and sharpen/shorten the questions. Then you write a report. Don't forget to get the name of the person, and don't forget to ask if it would be alright to quote them. Yada yada yada. :)

8/23/2006 8:23 PM  

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