Sunday, August 20, 2006

Three Years is Too Long...Save Darfur

There are two events that are coming up rather soon, and you should prepare if you plan on attending.

The first event shall be on September 9, 2006. There is going to be a demostration (peacefully, I pray) at noon by the White House. It is being held by Africa Action.

The second event shall be held on September 17, 2006. This is going to be a worldwide demonstration of unity in the hopes and prayers to put an end to the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. For more details, please visit Day for Darfur.

Editor's Note: I pray that this is a peaceful demonstration with the Darfurians in the frontmost of the minds of all people. If it is not, I condemn it. We do not need anymore Bush-bashing while Iran is getting stronger with its nuclear technology.

Can we please, for once, think of the people for whom you are protesting? Stop the genocide. Then do what you will. Don't waste the people's time who truly want to help the Darfurians. They do not have the time to spare.

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