Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chavez delusional; insists US is spying

Once again, Venezuelans has been given to delusional thoughts of granduer by their president, Mr. Chavez. He is a very unstable leader, and this unstability leads to dangerous situations.

Mr. Chavez has been trying to tighten ties with Iran and North Korea. He hates the United States, and he believes we are trying to crush him. I only wish we would.

Fox News has an article today: Chavez Says Venezuela Captured Four U.S. Spies. Quite interesting, if you have been keeping up with the calamity known as Venezuela. Unfortunately, I have not written articles about what I've read.

I do, however, have a a few links that will allow you to keep up to date if you would like. Caracas News, Full Coverage: Venezuela (Yahoo News), and This last one covers all the countries in South America, so if you are interested, help yourself. lol.

There are many stories out there right now that may be of concern: I am not interested in telling the world how lovey-dovey Chavez and Castro are/were. There are some articles about that in If you'd like, that's were you'll find them. Have a great day.

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