Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Iran: Over the Weekend 8/22/2006

This is a list of titles from the e-mails received which have many articles in them. From there, you may go to Doctor Zin's homepage to see the rest of the articles. Life has been very turmultuous these last few years. Personally, I am very grateful to have awoken today. As I drifted (slammed) into sleep, I was not certain of the future. Would there be another explosion? Another plane flying into a high rise? A suicide bomber?

Either way, I am grateful to be alive. I sure do hope we do more than talk and talk and talk. Now I know what they mean when they say, "You can talk a subject to death."

Thank you, Doctor Zin and your whole team of dedicated people. Continue to bring us the news from behind the 'wall of silence', and I will continue to spread the word. Information is going to either save us or kill us. I'm on the side of saving us!

Category: The Daily Briefing on Iran.


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