Saturday, March 25, 2006

Chris Wallace: Rethink Saddam - Osama connection -
Fox News Host, Chris Wallace, says the press needs to rethink claims that there was no operational link between Iraq and al Qaeda in light of new Iraqi intelligence documents released of a detailed February 1995 meeting between bin Laden and senior agents of Saddam's Qaeda chief asked for help with "joint operations" against the U.S. Read the rest of the Story
Following the release of document also reported by, ABC News [1], one of our more left leaning media hosts at MSNBC, Chris Matthews, scoffed at the idea and acted like he had not heard about the document in question. Chris Matthews insinuated that the United States Government has not been truthful and has mislead the public in the past.
[1]Editors note from ABC news: This document is handwritten and has no official seal. Although contacts between bin Laden and the Iraqis have been reported in the 9/11 Commission report and elsewhere (e.g., the 9/11 report states "Bin Laden himself met with a senior Iraqi intelligence officer in Khartoum in late 1994 or early 1995) this document indicates the contacts were approved personally by Saddam Hussein. Iraq coverage
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