Sunday, March 19, 2006

Citizen Reporter Michael Yon Speaks on Iraq

Michael Yon is going to appear tonight on Pundit Review Radio at 9pm EST to take a look back over the past 3 years on this anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Be sure to tune in, because Michael Yon is an excellent writer who has actually spent time with the boots on the ground. He will give the truth. Must hear!

You may listen from the internet by streamling WRKO live.
Contact: Call with questions for Howie at 877-469-4322.

About Pundit Review
Pundit Review Radio is where the old media meets the new. Each week Kevin & Gregg give voice to the work of the most influential leaders in the new media/citizen journalist revolution. This unique show brings the best of the blogs to your radio every Sunday evening at 8pm EST on AM680 WRKO, Boston’s Talk Leader.


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