Sunday, March 19, 2006

Watch this 'little' hot spot

In an article written by Sergei Blagov March 17, 2006, there are hints and outright lies about interference with the elections that haven't even taken place yet. They are learning quickly, as most dictators do, that if you want to steal an election--get out in front of it. Accuse everyone. When you lose, if all goes wrong, you can claim 'foul!'

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus is running against three other candidates. One whom he has had arrested. He is not allowing any NGO's into the country, and claims to have video tapes of Georgian arrestees who claim that America sent them to blow up Churches and commit mayhem on Sunday, the day of the election. Read the whole article here.

Sidenote: Excuse me, but we do not blow up Churches. If we did, we would have smashed the terrorists in Iraq each time there was an attack. Just so you get that right. End sidenote.


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