Sunday, March 12, 2006

French Civil War Under Reported

French military resources were committed to the West by joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). France sent thousands of soldiers to Indochina in an attempt to defeat the nationalist-Communist movement led by the Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh. The effort collapsed with the French defeat at Dienbienphu (May, 1954). Pierre Mend├Ęs-France came to power, determined to end French involvement. French withdrawal from Indochina was agreed upon at the Geneva Conference. Subsequently Morocco and Tunisia also achieved independence. But the war for independence in Algeria destroyed the Fourth Republic. When a right-wing French military coup in Algeria (1958) threatened to spread to metropolitan France, de Gaulle was invited back to power.
Why the history lesson on the relationship between France and Algeria? This can be explained by Olivier Guitta at The Counter Terrorism Blog. I will say that while we are fighting terrorists, France is set on setting them free. Ally? I think not!

Update: Upon further review, France is not involved in this. I do not know how I got that stuck in my head, but please accept my apologies. Thank you.


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