Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Turkey: Leaning Toward Islamofascism?

An article by Mr. Frank Gaffney (President of the Center for Security Policy and columnist for Washington Times) focuses on a few problems brewing in Turkey. This EU will be meeting with Turkey October 3, 2005, as to whether or not to allow Turkey to join the EU. Mr. Gaffney says, "NO." He gives several very convincing reasons for his reasoning.

1. Financing Islamofascists. USA is concerned about the unaccountable monies. They seem to have appeared after September 11, 2001. Saudi Arabia and other dictators in the other seem to have given cash to Turkey upon which " Mr. Erdogan's Islamist agenda is lubricated by these resources."

2. The secular education system is now being turned into Madrassas. The only thing being taught is Islam and the Koran in the fashion of bin Ladin. They have also lowered the age of educating children radical Islam from 12 to 4.

3. Due to this type of education, most have acquired government jobs such as justices, parliament, teachers, etc. No good can come from this type of education. There are not enough government jobs to employ everyone.

4. Religious intolerance is prevalant and accepted. Over one third of the country is Alevis whom are Muslim. The problem? They believe in a more moderate form of Islam. For this, they are targeted as "hypocrytes" and "apostates," and they are increasingly discriminated against.

5. The government seizes assets and businesses from political opponents. The international mandate is to reform it's banking system. This is not what they meant.

6. Due to this behavior, they have successfully taken over control of the media. Some out of fear, some because they agree with the government. Nevertheless, there is no free speech. This is apparent there is no contrary opinion:
The risks of deviating is clear from the recently announced prosecution of Turkey's most acclaimed novelist, Orhan Parmuk, for "denigrating Turks and Turkey" by affirming in a Swiss publication allegations of past Turkish genocidal attacks on Kurds and Armenians.
7. Mr. Erdogan's domination over the press has caused the hatred toward President Bush AND Americans. "Today, a novel describing a war between America and Turkey leading to the nuclear destruction of Washington is a runaway best-seller, even in the Turkish military."

8. "Mr. Erdogan's skillful manipulation of popular interest in the European bid to keep the military from serving as a control rod in Turkish politics."

The Turkish Army is being encouraged to become part of all government offices. Turkey has also made a deal with Syria and Iran of "zero problem." This means you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Either this, or I won't notice what you are doing.

Mr. Gaffney believes the EU should not only NOT allow Turkey to join the EU, but they should specifically and forcefully explain why.
The prime minister is making Turkey ineligible for membership on the grounds that the AKP program will inevitably ruin his nation's economy, radicalize its society and eliminate Ankara's ability to play Turkey's past, constructive role in the geographic "cockpit of history."

It is to be hoped this meeting will serve one other purpose, as well: It should compel the Europeans to begin to address their own burgeoning problem with Islamofascism. Both Europe, Turkey and, for that matter, the rest of the world, need to find ways to empower moderate Muslims who oppose Islamists like Turkey's Erdogan. Oct. 3 would be a good time to start.
I could not have said it better. Thank you, Mr. Gaffney, for all the hard work you do serving this country. Have a great day.


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