Sunday, September 25, 2005

News from Afghanistan: Part 2 9/25/2005

This may be a little belated, but it is definitely worth noting. Afghanistan has had an historic election to set them on their way closer to life, liberty, and a Republican form of government.

Before everyone gets upset, please look up the definition of democracy and republican forms of government. Democracy is mob rule. Republican is when we choose people to represent us. That is what I am referring to, and I am not stating American politics.

Waheed has also written a very good piece on these events entitled, "First Parliamentary Election in Afghanistan for 3 Decades." He has much information we are not privy to see by the MSM. It's very insightful.

Waheed lives in Afghanistan, and he works closely with the authorities. The information he writes about is pretty consistent with that which is printed weeks or months later, if ever. In other words, he is credible. Thank you, Waheed. Everyone have a great day.


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