Saturday, September 24, 2005

Resolution passed against Iran based on IAEA report

Reuters reports, by Louis Charbonneau and Francois Murphy, today "requiring Iran to be reported to the Security Council over a failure to convince the agency its nuclear program was entirely peaceful." This resolution was ultimately passed with 22 yeah, 12 abstentions, and 1 no vote. The no vote comes from Venezuela, Iran's great friend and wannabe enemy of the USA. Russia, China, and Africa abstained.

The "papers" claim the split was between the west and "developing countries." One question must asked. What are they developing? China is doing well financially. So well that they are building their own arsenal. Russia has had it's arsenal for a very long time. They are even upgrading it by selling arms to North Korea and Iran!

Their people are struggling? Yes. Since when did a communist care about the fate of it's people? No. These are not developing countries. Africa is a developing country. They have been since the everyone left them to themselves. Why is this? We left without teaching them that they have minds to create, and we did not remove their bloodthirsty dictators. That is a story in itself! Back to the UN.

India, who at first did not want this to go forward and was against it, did vote for it.
Iran denies seeking atomic bombs and says its nuclear program is only for generating electricity. However, it concealed its atomic fuel program from the IAEA for 18 years.

Russia, which is building a $1 billion nuclear reactor at Bushehr in Iran and has much to gain from Iran's plans to develop atomic energy, has long been an opponent of referring Iran's program to the Security Council.

China, which needs Iran's vast energy resources for its own booming economy, also opposes the Western drive against Iran.

Both countries fear a U.N. referral will cause the standoff over Iran's program to escalate into an international crisis.


The EU resolution requires Tehran to be reported to the Security Council, but at an unspecified date—
COMMENTARY: The ball is now in Iran's court. Would anyone care to gamble that they stop their programs? I say they won't stop. I say they will make more threats than they have already made. I just we wait until they take out a country with it's nukes before we respond, or do we...what? Hmm.


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