Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Iraq War Trouble In Basra

Well finally found the time to post, first one here so hope everyone likes it

Iraq Inquiry

Militia takes custody of troops

Well the two sources above, show that basically
1. The Iraqi police arrested 2 british undercover soldiers, after one of them appears to have shot dead an iraqi policeman
2. They were then transferred to an Iraqi Prison, instead of British custody
3. Britain sent in 6 soldiers to negotiate release of the men. However they found a mob had congregated around the prison. This is where the tank was set on fire, as well as the soldier inside. Also two iraqis appear to have been killed at this stage
4. The forces storm the prison to rescue the negotiaters trapped there, found out the police had transferred the 2 soldiers to custody of a militia group, in defiance of iraqi goverment who ordered them to placed into UK custody.
5. A rescue team then freed them from militia custody.
This raised a lot of questions, about what special forces doing probably trying to infiltrate or gather intel on insurgency. Why they were turned over to militia by police, One report says that only 25% of police not aligned with militias.

Political situation

Tony Blair will come under increasing pressure to leave or at least set a date to begin leaving. Liberal democrats have come out to support leaving Iraq soon and the conservatives could end up being lead by anti war leader Kenneth Clarke , which would leave Labour as only pro war party left.

Uk Casualties

Psychological Effects Of War

Just to say that war can cast a dark shadow, for those that suffered and not only from the UK


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