Saturday, September 17, 2005

News in other places

Knickerbocker News has a reputation (hopefully) of presenting the news in a way whereas you may determine your own ideas and basis for contemplation. There are other sites that my colleages and I post more often if you would care to visit them.

Christopher Leavitt has a few sites, but his main stay is LEAVWORLD. He is a very kind man, and he does have his opinions. He leans to the right. Well, he is the right. lol. He has a very deep article on the Israeli/Palestinian Arab discussion.

Jane Novack has a wonderful site at Armies of Liberation. She is a publish reporter, and she is very talented. If you have any questions about Yemen, she is the go-to person. Right now she has two articles of interest. First is The FBI and the PSO: Buddy Buddy, and the next one is Able Danger and the Cole. Very good reads.

Alan K. is from the United Kingdom, and he has many interesting facts and links everytime I visit his site, AK Land. This one is titled, "Age of Terror - Domestic and International fronts."

Korosh is an Iranian student who has a site devoted to freeing his country. He has some pictures from the protests held over the weekend at the UN denouncing Terrorist Ahmadinejad. He has also caught two American companies possibly helping Iran cencor the blogging community.

Shamalama is a country boy from Georgia who adds much humor and down to earth news. Some of it, well, you just can't find it here! I recommend his site, Common Folk using Common Sense.

Cody Herche is a brilliant minded lawyer. (I think he's a lawyer, lol). He looks at cases in way that really make you think. He also writes about other issues, but I think he does that with his brilliant lawyer's bent. lol. It is a very good site. It also brings more information about cases and issues than you would normally aquire. His site is Legal Redux.

That should keep you busy this weekend. Everyone except Alan is also a writer over at Love America First. Everyone is welcome. Comments are encouraged, except please choose your words wisely and stick to the topic. lol.

In other words, please, no cussing. If you absolutely have to, start you word, then use the star (Shift+8) to finish your word. I think we'll be able to figure it out. Those of us who would prefer not to would be spared. Sound fair? Good. Have a nice day!


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