Thursday, September 22, 2005

Germany Elections

Well decided to cover this issue as seems might be round a while Shuggy covered some of this already as well further down on blog, but here we go.

Germany Election Defeat

Well Germany election just seems to sum up what is wrong with PR for elections. This is especially ominous since this is theorectically possible in scotland, which uses PR system very similar to this in elections.

German Electoral system

The way it is going, it is possible that the German Chancellor could end up being the leader of a party that did not even win the most votes among the parties, never mind overall.


Already the many countries are becoming worried about what will happen. Also incidently this quote "the Franco-German couple will remain the engine of the European Union" by French minister for European affairs, can sum up why so many people in the UK are skeptical of the European Union

European Countries Reactions

This is the reason why I am skeptical of PR as a system of Goverment as it leads to unstable systems in power. Compare the Chaos of the German election with that of a country like Japan or the UK which do not use PR.


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